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The Easy Way To Stop an Aloe Plant Turning Brown

aloe plant turning brown
Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / WandererCreative

Is your aloe plant turning brown? Wondering how to get it back to healthy green? Follow these steps and your plant will be back to its vibrant self in no time.

Aloe plants, like succulents, are famous for not needing very much water. If your aloe plant is turning brown, has brown tips or spots, or is wilting, it’s actually a sign that you are watering the plant too much or that your plant is getting too much direct sunlight. But don’t worry, there are some easy tips to help turn that brown around and get back to the lovely green hue aloe plants are known for. Follow along to learn some easy steps to take to turn your aloe from brown to green.

1. Turn Aloe From Brown to Green by Repotting

Repotting can revitalize your aloe plant.
Repotting can revitalize your aloe plant.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / PollyDot)

Prepare an area to work for repotting your aloe plant.


  • Aloe plant
  • A pot with a drainage hole
  • Succulent-specific soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Gardening gloves
  • Small gardening shovel
  • Water


  1. Gently remove the aloe from its current pot and check the roots of the plant to ensure they have not got root rot. If you notice sections of the roots have root rot, cut away these sections so that it does not have a chance to grow on the healthy roots.
  2. Place the aloe inside its new pot and cover with succulent-specific soil. This type of soil is made with the right nutrients for succulents, so it is porous but good at draining. Add a little fertilizer to the soil.
  3. Water the plant to help the soil settle around the plant.
  4. Place it away from direct sunlight, indoors.

    2. Avoid Overwatering

    Only water aloe when it really needs it.
    Only water aloe when it really needs it.
    (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / whitealix)

    The only time you should water your aloe plant is when you feel the soil is dry by sticking your finger into the soil base down to about your second knuckle. Aloe plants should not be watered more often than every 20 days to three weeks. If your aloe is looking droopy, don’t be tempted to keep watering it.

    3. Change Position to Prevent “Burning”

    Keep the plant out of direct sunlight to prevent your aloe from turning brown.
    Keep the plant out of direct sunlight to prevent your aloe from turning brown.
    (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / karishea)

    Move your plant out of direct sunlight and indoors. Aloe plants can even handle dark rooms for one to two days. Although you might believe more sunlight is good for aloe, it can contribute to aloe plants turning brown and developing dry tips.

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