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ways to save electricity

10 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money In 2024

While we can't yet power the world with clean energy, these energy saving tips will save you money and lessen environmental damage.  Read more

Too Good To Go app

How to Save Money on Food With the Too Good to Go App

In the US, we waste a staggering 40% of food. Here's how the Too Good to Go app can help you save money and reduce unnecessary food waste. Read more

frugal living

7 Frugal Living Tips to Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

Money doesn't grow on trees, but these 7 frugal living tips will grow your savings. Discover sustainable ways to save money and live better! Read more

grocery shopping on a budget

10 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Who says grocery shopping on a budget has to be a chore? There are many ways to experiment with your meals, help the environment, and save money at the same time. Read more

private dog park

Private Dog Park: Pros & Cons of Member-Only Dog Communities

Private dog parks can be a source of pleasure or pain for both dog and owner. Find out if a membership might be right for you and your loyal friend by reading more. Read more

Black owned businesses nyc

Black Owned Businesses NYC: 8 Sustainable Companies to Support

Help Black entrepreneurs and the local NYC economy thrive by supporting Black-owned businesses. These eight companies cover products ranging from food to fashion and home goods. Read more

minimalist gifts

Minimalist Gifts: 28 Ideas That Don’t Add to the Clutter

Birthdays and holidays can be difficult when making an effort to live sustainably. Luckily, there are plenty of minimalist gift ideas for all occasions. Read more

circular economy examples

Circular Economy: 6 Examples and Their Impact

What goes around, comes around: in this piece, we will cover some circular economy examples, discuss their impact, and explain the concept behind the economic model. Read more