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Black Owned Businesses NYC: 8 Sustainable Companies to Support

Black owned businesses nyc
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Help Black entrepreneurs and the local NYC economy thrive by supporting Black-owned businesses. These eight companies cover products ranging from food to fashion and home goods.

It is important to make a concerted effort as a consumer to support Black-owned businesses, because Black entrepreneurs are disproportionately disadvantaged when it comes to getting their start-up off the ground. In NYC specifically, Black people make up twenty percent of the population, but only two percent of business owners. Furthermore, Black-owned businesses are less likely to survive longer than five years, and are much more likely to remain small businesses in general. White-owned businesses are actually seven times more likely to have employees than Black-owned businesses in NYC. 

The societal structures contributing to the marginalization of Black business owners continue to feed the racial wealth gap in the US. You can make a small difference by voting with your dollar and buying from companies you believe in. Head to any of these shops if you live in NYC, or check out their online stores. Don’t forget to look into Black-owned businesses in your town as well!

1. Little Pie Company

The Black-owned Little Pie Company boasts some of the best desserts in NYC.
The Black-owned Little Pie Company boasts some of the best desserts in NYC.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / ksyfffka07)

The Little Pie Company is a Black-owned NYC bakery offering delicious muffins, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and of course pies. All of their treats are made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. This cuts down on their carbon footprint and helps keep their goods fresh. Head to the Little Pie Company in Manhattan for southern pecan pie, Mississippi mud pie, New York-style cheesecake, and more. You also order customizable desserts for events. Store pick-up is available, as well as online order and shipping.

2. Busayo: Black-owned slow fashion in NYC

Busayo is a slow-fashion clothing brand selling unique, dynamic and colorful pieces. Busayo offers beautiful stand-out clothing and accessories which are perfect for dopamine dressing. The shop was founded by a Nigerian woman who wanted to incorporate her knowledge of Southwest Nigerian clothing into the US market. All Busayo pieces are made using Adire, which is a traditional Yoruba fabric dying technique. The clothing is handmade in Brooklyn, and is a great sustainable alternative to help you quit fast fashion. Shop in person or order online.

3. A Black-Owned New York City Classic: Cafe con Libros

Cafe con Libros offers books for adults and children.
Cafe con Libros offers books for adults and children.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / 134213)

Another Brooklyn favorite, Cafe con Libros is an intersectional feminist bookstore and cafe providing a safe space made for and by womxn and BIPOC. Head to Cafe con Libros to check out their selection of books, or simply to enjoy a coffee and locally-baked pastry. The staff at Cafe con Libros value community, solidarity, conversation and love. This means there’s also no pressure to make a purchase when you walk into the store. Drop by any time to meet some friendly, like-minded people, or sign up for one of their book clubs!

4. Black- and Queer-Owned Fashion at One DNA

One DNA is a Black- and queer-owned streetwear clothing company producing textiles in NYC. They provide size-inclusive pieces for a wide audience of androgynous and non-binary dressing people. This is a sustainable, slow fashion company producing small, high-quality batches of clothing. One of our favorite gender-neutral clothing companies, One DNA is eco-conscious and socially involved, as they routinely donate 10 percent of the profits of their most popular items. Currently, their only store is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, however, you can also shop online.

5. Paige’s Candle Co

This Black-owned business offers vegan candles.
This Black-owned business offers vegan candles.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

Paige’s Candle Co is a sustainable Black-owned business in NYC selling vegan soy wax candles made exclusively with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. Paige’s Candle Co understands the importance of positive self-expression through outlets like art, and prioritizes this by donating regularly to help provide free craft classes across New York. Paige’s Candle Co has several locations in Queens, as well as an online shop.

6. BLK MKT Vintage: Black-owned Antiques in NYC

Founded in 2014, BLK MKT Vintage is a Brooklyn-based antique store made for and by Black people. This vintage concept shop aims to spread Black love and validation through its unique pieces and cultural artifacts which represent Black history and Black experiences. While the collection is constantly changing, BLK MKT Vintage offers a wide range of products including literature, vinyls, clothing, art pieces, home decor and furniture. Support them in person or buy online.

7. Yam: A Women-Operated Jewelry Business in NYC

Yam uses pearls in many of their pieces.
Yam uses pearls in many of their pieces.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Printeboek)

Yam is a Black-owned and woman operated jewelry store based in Queens. This sustainable business produces handmade, made-to-order pieces from up-cycled materials. Yam offers a range of pieces from more simple and delicate chains to statement jewelry. Yam has several retail locations, as well as an online shop offering international shipping. 

8. Black-owned NYC Boutique: Byas & Leon

Byas & Leon is a Black-owned Brooklyn boutique selling zero waste and fair trade clothing. This sustainable fashion house offers ethically sourced textiles made by independent artists, as well as curated vintage pieces. Byas & Leon focus on community building through initiatives like photo walks, book readings, community meals, environmentalist education, and more. Shop in person or online.

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