Dopamine Dressing: The 2022 Trend That Makes Us & The Earth Happy

Dopamine dressing
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Dopamine dressing is a simple 2022 trend that you can easily take part in sustainably. Dress to impress and to fulfill yourself by choosing outfits that make you feel great.

Dopamine dressing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This 2022 trend refers to wearing clothing that makes you feel great, as if you’ve gotten a rush of dopamine. Wearing certain colors, textures, shapes and fits can influence your mood in different ways. Dopamine dressing means dressing yourself mindfully with the intention of boosting your mood. The goal is to feel not only comfortable in your skin but electric and excited to conquer the day. Research shows that clothing does have meaning and can even impact our behavior, so the idea of dopamine dressing pushes us to use this to our advantage. Find your sense of self in your style and follow that.

Dopamine dressing looks different on everybody, because it is inherently personal. What’s exciting about this trend is that you can take part exactly how you want. Dopamine dressing does not require you to buy loads of new clothes, or consume fast fashion in the same ways that other fashion trends typically do. It is not the type of trend where you feel inclined to head to the mall and grab pick up a cheap crop top for an instagram look. On the contrary, dopamine dressing simply pushes people to wear what makes them happy. This includes all the clothes you already have, which maybe didn’t fit previous trends you felt like following. You can take part in this trend sustainably by following your own style while keeping the planet in mind.

Wear Significant Pieces

Dopamine dressing may include wearing your favorite hand-me-downs.
Dopamine dressing may include wearing your favorite hand-me-downs.
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One way to dress for your best self is to wear items of personal significance. Wearing things that make you feel nostalgic, loved and proud can boost your mood throughout the day. You probably already have clothes in your closet that fit the bill. Significant pieces may include your old college sweatshirt, your favorite band t-shirt, or a nice sweater your grandmother crocheted for you. Wearing clothing of cultural significance to you may be relevant here as well. Even stealing a top from your partner can be considered dopamine dressing, as it reminds you of them and makes you feel loved throughout the day. 

Repeat Outfits

Wear your favorite shoes and tie every day if that's what dopamine dressing means to you.
Wear your favorite shoes and tie every day if that’s what dopamine dressing means to you.
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Unlike typical fast fashion trends, dopamine dressing does not require varying outfits all the time. Dopamine dressing is all about wearing what makes you happy, so go ahead and wear your favorite pieces over and over. Show up to work in the same outfit twice this week if that’s what you feel great in. More generally, you can feel free to repeat colors, patterns and textures as well. If you love wearing yellow, then wear yellow every day without a second thought. If you have a great hat that goes with everything, keep adding it to your outfits. This is a great way to take part in dopamine dressing in a sustainable way. Instead of feeling pressured to buy a ton of clothes and constantly switch it up, you should feel confident to wear what you love and be content with what you have. 

Think Outside the Box

You can accessorize in unique ways when dopamine dressing.
You can accessorize in unique ways when dopamine dressing.
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If you want to get creative, consider combining different colors, patterns and fabrics that you usually don’t. Dopamine dressing does not necessarily have to mean pushing the line of what constitutes fashion. However, thinking outside the box and being creative with your clothing can be a fun way to express yourself. If there are certain looks and outfits you’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t feel brave enough to do so, now might be the time.

Shop Vintage

Head to your favorite thrift store next time you need a new outfit.
Head to your favorite thrift store next time you need a new outfit.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Vic_B)

If your wardrobe feels flat and boring, you may only need a few pieces to help get excited about getting dressed again. Shopping at local thrift shops and vintage stores is the best way to spice up your closet without hurting the environment. It’s especially relevant to dopamine dressing because thrift shopping helps you find interesting, unique pieces unlike what you’d find in conventional stores. Shopping vintage allows you to find clothes that are special and exciting, so you can stand out from the crowd. If you don’t feel like going in person, you can even buy secondhand clothes online.

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