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does salvation army take mattresses

Does Salvation Army Take Mattresses, Furniture & Food? Donation Guide

Does the Salvation Army take mattresses? What about furniture or food? Follow our donation guide for what they will and won't accept. Read more

Dopamine dressing

Dopamine Dressing: How to Make Fashion Feel Good This Spring

Dopamine dressing is pretty much what it sounds like: dressing in what makes you feel good. No matter your style, dopamine dressing gets by without fast fashion — learn how to get into it sustainably. Read more

how to remove lint from clothes

How to Remove Lint From Clothes: 15 Eco-Friendly Methods

No need to buy new things to get rid of the annoying fuzz: Learn how to remove lint from clothes with things you already have at home – as well as some recommendable products. Read more

vegan clothing brands

12 Vegan Clothing Brands You Should Know

Not all vegan clothing brands are cruelty-free. We've compiled a list of the most eco-friendly, ethical, and stylish brands available in the US today. Read more

Tie-Dying Polyester

Can You Tie Dye Polyester? Yes, but Don’t

There are a few reasons why you might not want to tie-dye polyester clothing. Here's what you need to know! Read more

Does Goodwill take underwear, bras, and socks?

Does Goodwill Take Underwear, Bras & Socks? A Donation How-to

Are you about to donate clothes, but unsure if Goodwill takes underwear, bras, and socks? Here’s all you need to know on how to dispose undergarments sustainably. Read more

gender-neutral clothing brands

Gender Neutral Clothing Brands: 7 Eco-Friendlier Options

Check out a few of our favorite sustainable, gender-neutral clothing brands to perfect your androgynous look while keeping the planet in mind. Read more

homemade stain remover

DIY: Easy Homemade Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers can be harmful to the environment and harsh on skin. If you're searching for an easy, natural and homemade stain remover, look no further! Read more