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Jakobie Osterurlaub

Jakobie Osterurlaub studies, writes, works, and lives in Berlin, Germany. He’s interested in science, media ecology, and politics. When he’s not wandering around the urban jungle — wondering when the next big climate catastrophe will hit the capital he now calls home — he listens to music and reads fiction.

You can you eat banana peels.

Can You Eat Banana Peels? 3 Recipe Ideas

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cradle to cradle

Cradle to Cradle: Meaning, Principles and Certifications

Cradle to Cradle is a model sustainable product design for companies who want to make waste a thing of the past. Learn about how it works and what C2C certified means. Read more

carolina silverbell

Carolina Silverbell: All You Need to Know About This Native Plant

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What to Do With Old Clothes: 10 Impactful Ideas

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How to make hummus without tahini

How to Make Hummus Without Tahini: Easy Recipe in 3 Steps

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Herbs for Sleep: 7 Natural Sleep Aids

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what is ecological succession

What Is Ecological Succession? Definition, Examples and Types

Ecological succession is a classical concept in the field of ecology that describes how plants and animals in an environment change over time. Read more

how to get caffeine out of your system

How to Get Caffeine out of Your System With Natural Remedies

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