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figs not vegan

Why Figs Are Not (Always) Vegan

Even though they are a member of the fruit family, many people consider figs not vegan. We’ll explain the connection between figs and wasps. Read more

how to grow wasabi

This is How to Grow Wasabi & Make Your Own Paste

Growing wasabi plants can be a difficult, yet rewarding undertaking. We’ll explain how to grow and care for wasabi and how to make your own wasabi paste. Read more


Okara: A By-Product With Superpowers

Okara is a by-product of soy production. We'll explain why this soy pulp shouldn’t go to waste and how to use it in the kitchen with an okara recipe! Read more

leftover spaghetti

Leftover Spaghetti Frittata: A Vegetarian Recipe

Frittata di spaghetti is a simple dish which can be made fresh, or using leftover spaghetti. We’ll share an easy vegetarian version of this popular recipe. Read more

greek Briam recipe

Briam: Recipe for Traditional Greek Roasted Vegetables

Greek briam is a simple dish of Mediterranean oven-roasted vegetables. Thinly-sliced colorful vegetables and a spiral pattern give this casserole a unique look. We’ll show you how to prepare this specialty yourself with our favorite briam recipe. Read more

Chickweed Leaves

Chickweed: How to Use this Edible Wild Herb

Edible chickweed is often found in fields and gardens. Although it looks unremarkable, this wild herb is delicious and nutritious. Read more