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should tomatoes be refrigerated

Do Tomatoes Need To Be Refrigerated? The Answer Might Surprise You

Tomatoes are a delicious summer staple in any kitchen. We’ll explain whether or not you should refrigerate tomatoes and give some tips for storage. Read more

Mojito Mint

How To Grow Mojito Mint in Pots or in Your Garden

Mojito mint is a Cuban mint variety that is mild but refreshing.We'll show you how to grow and use the herb. Read more

can you eat raw squash

Can You Eat Squash Raw? Why It’s Not Always a Good Idea

Did you know you can eat many types of squash raw? With so many varieties of this seasonal favorite, it can be difficult finding the best and tastiest one. Here we will cover some of the best squash that are delicious when eaten raw. Read more

human environment interaction examples

Human-Environment Interaction: Definition & Examples

Human-environment interaction refers to how humans impact Earth's ecosystems. Here's a full human-environment interaction definition and useful examples. Read more

solutions to deforestation

6 Solutions to Deforestation and What You Can Do

Solutions to deforestation are crucial to slowing the effects of climate change and sustaining biodiversity and resources. Here are the causes of deforestation and how to stop it. Read more

how to clean your tongue

How to Clean Your Tongue Without A Tongue Scraper

Cleaning your tongue prevents bad breath and supports dental health. Here's how to clean your tongue with baking soda and why it’s important. Read more

vegan bao

Easy Vegan Bao Recipe With Eggplant & Zucchini

Vegan bao buns are light and fluffy and can be stuffed with the filling of your choice. You don't need a mixer or steamer to try out our tasty recipe. Read more

air fryer vs toaster oven

Air Fryer vs. Toaster Oven: The Core Differences

Which is the best option when considering an air fryer vs. toaster oven? We explore the options for you, from tasty potatoes to soft, spongy brownies. Want to know more about energy consumption too? We've got it all covered. Read more