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natural prebiotics

9 Natural Prebiotic Foods & Why They’re Good for You

Prebiotics are a food source for your guts microorganisms. We'll tell you the health benefits of prebiotics, as well as nine natural prebiotic foods to aid your gut health. Read more

Natto recipe

Natto Recipe: How to Make the Japanese Fermented Beans

Interested in how to make a tasty natto recipe at home? Japanese fermented beans are a popular dish in East Asia. Along with this recipe, you can learn the surprising benefits of natto. Read more


Techlash: A Democratic Move or a Threat to Sustainable Growth?

Techlash refers not just to apathy toward technology, but an actual distain for Big Tech corporations and their practices. The techlash movement calls for increased responsibility in Silicon Valley. Read more

Crabapple jelly

Easy Crabapple Jelly Recipe

Wondering what to do with a tree full of crabapples? Crabapple jelly is a simple, tasty, and free way to put these common, yet under-appreciated fruits to use. Read more

best solar power bank

8 Best Solar Power Banks for 2022

We’ve rounded up a list of the eight best solar power banks available to purchase in 2022. These are perfect if you want a sustainable charging option on the go. Read more

How to Clean Inside of Dishwasher

How to Clean the Inside of a Dishwasher the Eco-Friendly Way

Leave out the chemicals when cleaning the inside of your dishwasher and opt for these environmentally friendly alternatives instead. Here we have some handy tips. Read more

what is eco-tourism

What Is Eco-Tourism? Definition, Examples and Long-Term Impact

Eco-tourism focuses on ecologically sustainable travel in order to conserve the natural environment. We'll look at popular eco-tourism destinations, and how they are impacted. Read more

Vegetable ramen

2 Quick & Easy Vegetable Ramen Recipes

This quick and easy vegetable ramen recipe is a tasty plant-based Japanese dish that can be adjusted to your desires and cravings. Create your own unique variations on ramen. Read more