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Endangered Species

woolly mammoth vs. elephant

Woolly Mammoths vs. Elephants: Why the Difference Suddenly Matters

What would you do if saw a woolly mammoth in real life? Here is why woolly mammoths vs. elephants is a hot topic in the conversation surrounding conservation. Read more

what is a keystone species

What Is a Keystone Species and Why Are They So Important?

If you've done any reading in the environmental space, you've likely come across this term. But what exactly is a keystone species? Let's find out. Read more

Where do bees go in winter?

Where Do Bees Go in Winter and Why?

These bumbling insects work wonders in the garden. If you’ve ever wondered where bees go in winter, here’s everything you need to know! Read more

where to see redwoods in california

Where to See Redwoods in California: 7 Jaw-Dropping Sites

As the largest tree species in North America, redwood is most commonly found on the west coast. Here are our picks for the best places to see redwoods in California. Read more

why did the dodo bird go extinct

Why Did the Dodo Bird Go Extinct? A Detailed Guide to the Dodo

Most know it as the icon of human-caused extinction, but what is the real history of the dodo? Why did the dodo bird go extinct? Read on to learn more. Read more

mexican gray wolf

Why the Mexican Gray Wolf is Endangered and How You Can Help

After decades of being systematically hunted and killed, the Mexican gray wolf now needs to be saved from extinction. Learn more about the outlook for these animals. Read more

most endangered species in the world

The 15 Most Endangered Species in the World

We are mourning the decline of a vast number of the planet's animals, but which are the most endangered species in the world? It's sobering reading. We can only hope positive action may save some of these wonderful creatures. Read more

most endangered animals

The 15 Most Endangered Animals in America

From habitat loss to overhunting, endangered animals face many threats. These are the most endangered animals in the US, how they got to be that way and what you can do to help. Read more