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are humans supposed to eat meat

True or False: Are Humans Supposed to Eat Meat?

Are humans supposed to eat meat? Here are the environmental, ethical and health perspectives you need to make your own judgement. Read more

what is seitan

Seitan: The Plant-Based Powerhouse You Need in Your Diet

What is seitan, and what makes it a nutrition megastar? Learn more about what seitan is made of and how to make this vegan meat alternative at home. Read more

Ranch vs farm

Ranch vs. Farm: Differences, Similarities and Importance

Ranches vs. farms — what's the difference? There are some interesting similarities and a few significant differences. Here is what they are and how they impact the planet. Read more

nose to tail

Nose-to-Tail Eating: Why It Might Not Be a Good Idea

The idea behind nose to tail eating is to respect the animal by using as much of it as possible. We’ll take a closer look at this trend. Read more

food for kids healthy eating habits teach your children what good food is

Americans are Not Making the Connection Between Food and Climate Change

A new report found that more than half of Americans are willing to eat more plant-based foods, but the majority are demonstrably not making the connection between food and global warming. Read more

56% of Americans Are Likely Reducing Meat as a New Year Resolution

56% of Americans Are Likely Reducing Meat as a New Year Resolution

Independent research firm Dynata gauged US consumers’ attitudes toward eating meat-free meals in a study commissioned by The Meatless Farm. The researchers concluded, amongst other things, that there is a direct relationship between self-improvement and eating less meat. Read more

Impossible Foods: UN Climate Award

Impossible Foods Receives UN Climate Award, Launches #MeatisHeat Social Campaign

Impossible Foods has accepted the Planetary Health award from the UN this Tuesday for raising awareness of the impact of food production on the planet and helping to inform the public about the possibilities of plant-based meat in cutting emissions. Read more

air protein

Air Protein Introduces The World’s First Air-Based Food

Air Protein™, the Bay-Area based company pioneering a new consumer category: air-based foods, today announced the creation of the first air-based meat created from elements found in the air we breathe. Read more