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sweet woodruff

Sweet Woodruff: Ultimate Growing Guide & Syrup Recipe

Sweet woodruff is a low maintenance aromatic and medicinal herb that is often overlooked. Learn how to cultivate it yourself, and ways to enjoy this edible plant. Read more

Banana fiber

Banana Fiber: The Material for Sustainable Fashion From Tree Waste?

Banana fiber is a sustainable alternative to synthetic fibers and materials, and is making its way onto the fashion scene in a big way. Read on to learn more. Read more

Natural fibers

Natural Fibers: 10 Examples & Definition

Natural fibers, which are more eco-friendly than synthetic fibers, are gaining popularity. Learn which natural fibers are most sustainable and which to keep an eye out for. Read more

Overwatered hydrangea

Overwatered Hydrangea: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

These beautiful bushes feel at home in moist soil, but overwatered hydrangeas can quickly take a turn for the worse. Learn how to identify and fix the problem. Read more

tree of heaven identification

Tree of Heaven: Identification and Removal of the Invasive Plant

Despite its name, tree of heaven is of the most aggressive invasive species across the USA. Read on for tree of heaven identification and removal tips. Read more

overwatered tomato plant

Overwatered Tomato Plant: How to Spot the Signs

Overwatered tomato plants will stop producing those plump tomatoes. Learn how to identify the signs of an overwatered tomato plant and how to fix it here. Read more

Concorde barberry

Concorde Barberry: Planting Tips for the Non-Invasive Barberry

Looking for an eye-catching shrub that won't get out of hand? We'll explain what makes the Concorde Barberry non-invasive and why you might want it in your garden. Read more

how to grow wheatgrass

How to Grow Wheatgrass and Why You Should

If you've seen this superfood in health food stores, you may want to know how to grow wheatgrass yourself. We'll explore some benefits and growing tips below. Read more