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Annika Flatley

Annika holds a B.A. degree in Media and Communications. She has been working as a reporter and editor for Utopia since September 2013.

Vegetable scraps pumpkin seeds

How to Reuse Leftover Food: 8 Ideas

Pumpkin seeds, carrot peels and radish leaves don’t often make it onto our plates, but rather end up in the garbage. Do they really need to? We’ll show you some creative ways to reuse these leftover kitchen scraps. Read more

Minimalist living woman mindfulness

Make Your Life Easier with These 12 Tips on Minimalistic Living

Minimalist living involves making small but pivotal changes to regular routines and habits, which will make your life all the more simpler and easier – and also a bit happier. Read more

What is glitter made of? Environmental impact of plastic glitter

What Is Glitter Made of and Is Bio-Glitter Better?

It's the biggest trend in crafts, festival makeup and decorations. But what is glitter made of, how is it made and to what cost to the environment? Utopia's got answers. Read more

Going Vegan: 5 Simple Steps Towards Veganism

Going vegan means rejecting all products and ingredients derived from animal sources. Many people decide on this diet because the production of milk, eggs, and leather contributes to the suffering of millions of animals. Your decision doesn’t have to be all or nothing, however – every step counts. Read more

citric acid for cleaning

Citric Acid for Cleaning: Practical Household Uses

Citric acid uses range from fabric softener to stain remover and toilet cleaner. Here is how to replace most of your cleaning products with citric acid. Read more

Bioplastics Compostable Bag

Bioplastics: How Green and Sustainable Are They?

Bioplastics are used in products from garbage bags to coffee cups. Are these alternatives to conventional plastic really more environmentally friendly? Read more

Homemade vegetable broth recipe how to make vegetable broth reuse kitchen scraps

How to Make Homemade Vegetable Broth

This vegetable broth recipe is a great alternative to supermarket-bought instant mixes, who often contain close to no vegetables. The recipe is easy, absolutely additive-free and you get to decide what ingredients go in your soup. Read more

Coronavirus this isn't about you message to millennials flatten the curve

Fighting Coronavirus: This Isn’t About You

The novel coronavirus is paralysing America and forcing us all to make sacrifices. Those who are still bitching about the constraints put on public life should finally come to grips with one simple fact: This is not about you. Read more