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preserving roses

Never Throw Wilted Roses Out Again! How to Dry Roses 3 Ways

By preserving your roses, you can enjoy them for longer. But there are different ways to preserve or dry roses, and some are more environmentally friendly than others. We’ll show you the best ways to keep your roses beautiful for longer. Read more

best tea for a cold

Proven Best Teas for a Cough, Sore Throat and Colds

The right medicinal and herbal teas for coughs and sore throats can relieve symptoms and strengthen your immune system. Here are the best teas for a cough. Read more

growing and harvesting spinach

Growing and Harvesting Spinach: A Complete Guide

Growing spinach is easy. This guide will explain how to plant spinach, when the best time for harvesting spinach is and a few tips on how to use it! Read more

dried hydrangeas

How to Dry Hydrangeas for Year-Round Enjoyment

Dried hydrangeas impress everyone with their large, colorful blossoms. We’ll show you how to dry hydrangeas and share some ideas for how to use them. Read more

health benefits of tofu

Tofu Health Benefits: Behind the Protein Powerhouse

Is tofu healthy? The health benefits of tofu are highly debated. We’ll take a look at tofu protein and how nutritious it really is. Read more

how to store lemons

How to Store Lemons: Keeping Them Fresh

Wondering how to store lemons? There are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep lemons fresh for longer. Read more

how to store cucumbers

How to Store Cucumbers: The Best Tips & Tricks

Do your cucumbers lose their crunch before you get a chance to eat them? We’ll show you how to store cucumbers to keep them fresher for longer. Read more

babassu oil

Babassu Oil: Properties, Uses, and Sustainability

Babassu oil is made from the seeds of a certain type of Amazonian palm tree. It shares many of the properties of coconut oil: Use babassu for your hair, skin, or for massages. Read more