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Evan Binford

Evan Binford studies Empirical Cultural Science at the LMU Munich and is in the in-house translator at Utopia. He loves the outdoors and is probably already planning his next camping trip.

Quinoa in a bowl

Is Quinoa Good for You? Why You Better Wash It First

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Fertilize Your Basil Like a Pro: Tips for Growing Healthy, Vibrant Herbs

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How To Make Yogurt Easily at Home

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Removing blueberry stains with milk

Can You Freeze Milk? Here Is Why It Isn’t a Good Idea

Freezing foods is great way to store all types of fresh foods for later. But not all foods are freezer-friendly. Here's what to not to store in the freezer. Read more

Freeze food without plastic sustainable kitchen tips household hacks mason jar spinach

7 Smart Household Hacks for Freezing Foods Without Plastic

Plastic freezer bags or containers made of plastic aren't the biggest sustainable hit nowadays. Here are some sustainable plastic-free alternatives you can use to freeze food. Read more

Recommended thermostat temperature settings for winter 63 degrees

How to Save Energy with These Thermostat Settings for Winter

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This Is the Best Traditional German Lebkuchen Recipe

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Round cake with one slice slightly removed. The cake is dusted with icing sugar.

Mouthwatering Gingerbread Cake Recipe

No matter how you make gingerbread cake, it disappears quickly. Ring in the holiday season with this delicious gingerbread recipe! Read more