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how to dry chives

Drying Chives: Tips on Harvesting, Drying and How to Store Chives

Drying chives is easy — you can air dry, oven dry or dehydrate them. Check out our guide for information and learn how to store chives too! Read more

How to preserve moss.

How to Preserve Moss: A Sustainable Introduction

Learning how to preserve moss can be a creative way to experiment with plant-based artwork and decor. Here's how to add a sustainable twist to your space. Read more

swimming pond

Why to Build a Natural Swimming Pond: Pros and Cons

Though popular in Europe, natural swimming ponds are still relatively unheard of in the U.S. So what is a natural swimming pond exactly? We will outline the basics. Read more

where does bamboo grow

Where Does Bamboo Grow and Is It Edible?

Bamboo is a surprisingly easy plant to grow and can be found worldwide. Let's take a look at where bamboo grows and if you can eat it. Read more

Autumn Olive Berry

Autumn Olive Berry: Benefits and Uses

Want to protect native species while snacking on a tasty invasive? Read below to find out why picking autumn olive berry is one of the best ways to stop its spread. Read more

Permaculture designs

Permaculture Designs: 7 Ideas for Your Sustainable Garden

Permaculture designs are a fundamental aspect of cultivating an eco-friendly garden. They follow natural patterns and bring to life a world of creativity and abundance. Read more

Buckhorn plantain

Buckhorn Plantain: Benefits and Uses

Is buckhorn plantain a plant worth talking about? This common plant has several benefits that you may find useful, and we will discuss these below. Read more

How to prune orchids.

How to Prune Orchids for Better Growth in 5 Steps

Knowing how to prune orchids is a useful skill for any plant lover. Orchards require special care to become healthy plants in your home or garden — here's how it's done. Read more