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Sun-loving plants

The 8 Best Sun-Loving Plants to Add to Your Garden

There is a wide variety of stunning sun-loving plants. Use them to your advantage so you can enjoy a low maintenance garden in which your plants thrive. Read more

peat moss alternatives

Peat Moss Alternatives: 7 More Eco-Friendly Options

Although peat moss may seem like the ideal soil amendment, using it is incredibly destructive to the environment. Consider using peat moss alternatives instead. Read more

how to grow potatoes in a bucket

Small Space Solutions: How To Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Did you know you could grow potatoes in a bucket? It's a great solution for small spaces that doesn't require a lot of resources – check out this balcony hack. Read more

how to grow sugar snap peas

How To Grow Sugar Snap Peas on an Apartment Balcony

With enough sun, water and love, apartment balconies can be the perfect small-space gardens. We'll show you how to grow sugar snap peas in pots on your balcony. Read more

Plants in jars

The 9 Best Plants to Grow in Jars

Growing plants in jars is an uncomplicated, affordable and sustainable way of reusing old jars and bringing life and color to your home. Follow this guide for the nine best plants to grow in jars and start your own indoor garden. Read more

bee balm plant

Bee Balm (aka Wild Bergamot): How to Plant, Care & Use the Plant

Whether you plant bee balm from seed or buy a plant, it's a great garden addition. We’ll have a closer look at the bee balm plant along with its many uses. Read more

chive flowers

Yes, You Can Eat Chive Flowers! How to Harvest + Recipe

The pink and purple chive flowers appear in late spring to early summer. We’ll show you how to harvest and use the edible chive blossoms. Read more


Soapwort: How to Plant, Grow and Care for the Flowering Beauty

Soapwort (Saponaria) is an herb that gets its name from its ability to make soap. When cared for properly, you will see soapwort's beautiful flowers! Read more