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How To Get a Bird Out of Your House

You can get a bird out of your home or home in just 3 simple steps
Photo: CC0 Public Domain/ Pixabay – dimitrisvetsikas1969

These 3 easy steps will guide you on how to get a bird out of your house safely and without harm. After saving the animal, prevent birds from entering your home again.

Opening windows and doors during warm days is an effective way to keep your house cool. But it’s also an effective way of inviting more than just cool air into your home – a.k.a. our feathered friends.

When a bird flies into your house, the key is not to panic, as this will frighten the animal further. Avoid touching the bird at all costs – it could easily be harmed in a stressful situation like this. Follow these 3 steps on how to get a bird out of your house to ensure the animal is freed unharmed and able to fly again safely.

Step 1: Secure the Area

When a bird is trapped and frightened inside a house, it may react frantically. The first step is therefore to contain it in one space in the house. You should also ensure the area is safe, by turning off any ceiling fans, removing pets and covering hot stoves and pans.

Select the biggest and most obvious exit point for the bird and close off all other possible escape routes. This includes doors, windows, closets, and cabinets. This will limit the bird’s options, forcing it to choose just one exit to fly through.

Step 2: Create One Big Exit Sign for the Bird

Bird flying into window how to keep birds safe tips and tricks
Birds will fly towards the lit window. Make sure there are no obstacles in the way. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Unplash - Jacques LE HENAFF)

Open the chosen exit point as wide as possible and ensure there are no obstacles between it and the bird. Then shut all blinds and drapes, and turn off all the lights in the house. This will create one big exit sign for the bird.

The idea is that you remain as un-intrusive as possible. The bird should (ideally) fly out of the house on its own. So leave the room and wait some time to let the bird make its move for freedom.

Step 3: Carefully Coaxing the Bird Out

If Step 2 was unsuccessful, there is another trick you can do to safely get a bird out of your house. Get a big bedsheet, and hold it up with your arms extended to create as wide and flat a surface as you can. Then, when the bird is safely sandwiched between you and the exit point, slowly move forward. This will gently coax the bird towards the exit without alarming it too much or touching it.

If, after following these steps, the bird is still in your house, you will have to call in professional help. Get in contact with your local bird center or wildlife sanctuary and ask them to come and help. They have the correct knowledge and equipment to remove birds safely without harming or distressing them.

How To Keep Birds Out of Your House

Now that you know how to get a bird out of your house let’s try and keep them out! Here are some animal-friendly tricks to deter birds from your open windows and doors:

  • Hanging shiny objects from window and door frames. Birds don’t like reflective and bright lights and will steer clear of your house.
  • Placing reflective orbs in and around your flower beds and in trees. Birds associate these shining and reflective balls with eyes, and so will not come near them.
  • Using predator-decoys. Place fake, water-proof decoys such as owls, birds of prey and cats near landing spots to keep birds from entering your garden.
  • Homemade Bird Repellent. Thankfully, there is an easy and natural way to repel birds from your garden without harming the birds, or your plants, with harsh chemicals: First, finely chop around two dozen chili peppers and place them in a half-gallon plastic bottle of water. Shake well, then place the bottle in the sun for five days to allow the chillis to ferment. After, add a ¼ cup of red or white vinegar to the mixture and shake well. Now it is ready for use. Transfer to a spray bottle, and spray the repellent on plants and areas of the garden the birds like to visit. Repeat this every few days. 

Also, make sure to make your windows bird-proof. Here’s how: How to Stop Birds from Flying into Your Window

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