Kitchen Hacks: How to Keep Pasta From Sticking

how to keep pasta from sticking
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Pasta is a simple ingredient to cook, but can be frustrating if it gets stuck to the pot. Read on to learn how to keep pasta from sticking with these simple tips.

Cooking pasta is a simple and straightforward process, but sometimes the pasta can stick to the sides of the pot or stick to itself when you’re ready to serve it. How do you keep pasta from sticking? Read on to learn how.

4 Simple Tips to Keep Pasta from Sticking

Remember to stir the pasta while its cooking to keep it from sticking.
Remember to stir the pasta while its cooking to keep it from sticking.
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In order to keep pasta from sticking to itself and to the pot, follow these simple tips:

  1. Let the water boil – Before you start cooking the pasta, let the water come to a full boil. Then add your pasta into the pot. This will keep the pasta from sticking to the sides.
  2. Stir frequently – Once the pasta starts to cook you should stir the mixture a few times. This will also allow it to cook more evenly.
  3. Rinse with cool water – Rinse the pasta with cool water to remove some of the starch and keep the pasta from sticking.
  4. Finish cooking with a sauce – If you are serving the pasta in a sauce, drain the pasta a few minutes before it is finished cooking, then swap the water for the sauce. Finish cooking the pasta in the sauce to get perfectly cooked and tasty pasta.

Debunked Tips for Pasta Cooking

Follow these simple tips to keep pasta from sticking.
Follow these simple tips to keep pasta from sticking.
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While you may have heard that some of these methods will prevent sticky pasta, we recommend avoiding these strategies. 

  1. Oil in the pasta – This is a common tip to keep pasta from sticking. The idea is that if you add some oil to the pasta nothing will stick to it. That may be true, but adding oil also means that your sauces or other ingredients don’t bind as well with your pasta due to the protective oil layer.
  2. You need a lot of water – You don’t need as much water to cook pasta as you think. You need enough just to cover the pasta, no more. This means you don’t need a giant pot either, just one large enough to cook the pasta with a little water. The same issues with sticking can happen in a huge pot of water as in a smaller pot.
  3. Keep the pasta in the cooking water or colander – Once the pasta is done you should remove it from both the water and colander quickly. If you leave it inside either the pot or colander the pasta will stick to the sides. Instead, serve it immediately, or toss with sauce and store in the fridge.

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