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Learn How to Fix a Broken Mirror in 7 Foolproof Steps

How to fix a broken mirror
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Master DIY with our guide on how to fix a broken mirror. These 7 easy-to-follow steps will fix your cracked mirror and teach you a valuable new skillset.

In the spirit of sustainable living and conscious consumerism, learning how to fix a broken mirror can transform what may seem like trash into treasure. Glass, the primary material in mirrors, while delicate and susceptible to damage from substantial impacts, can often be revitalized rather than cast aside.

In today’s throwaway society, a cracked mirror is often seen as trash. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be? Learning how to fix cracked mirrors can save your wallet and stop one more pointless item in a landfill.

Below, we’ll show you how to fix a broken mirror step-by-step.

How to Fix a Broken Mirror

This method will only work if you're fixing a cracked mirror, not a shattered one.
This method will only work if you’re fixing a cracked mirror, not a shattered one. (Foto: CC0 Public Domain / Pexels / Bruno Pires)

To get this cracked mirror rescue project up and running, head to your local auto supply store to buy a standard windshield repair kit.

Note that this repair method is only suited to minor cracks. If your mirror is badly damaged — see: shattered — consider buying a new one instead of wasting your time. Local thrift shops and yard sales are perfect places to pick up mirrors for a fraction of the price. Antique mirrors are such a great find!

However, this is the way to go if your mirror appears salvageable. Here’s how to fix your broken mirror.


  • windshield repair kit
  • a sharp razor blade/utility knife
  • homemade glass or window cleaner (or mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 3 cups of water)
  • two-part epoxy or resin mix
  • putty knife
  • cotton cloth

1. Clean Your Mirror

Take a cotton cloth and carefully wipe away dirt, dust and any smaller broken pieces of the mirror before disposing of the broken glass safely. Wipe the mirror using your homemade glass cleaner to remove any visible streaking on its surface. You need the mirror as clean as possible so that the repair epoxy can be applied effectively.

2. Apply Stabilizer Film

Take the stabilizer film that came with your repair kit, peel the adhesive backing and carefully press the film over the crack in the mirror, ensuring that no air is trapped beneath the film that creates air bubbles. If there are air bubbles, smooth the film out using your fingertip to remove them.

3. Apply Epoxy Resin to Cracks

After applying the stabilizer film over the cracks, apply the epoxy resin. Take the edge of the stabilizer film and lift it slightly, then gently push the epoxy syringe beneath the film, then press to inject the epoxy between the surface of the mirror and the stabilizer film.

Repeat this process to all of the cracks in the mirror until you have an even layer of epoxy beneath the stabilizer film. After applying the resin to all the cracked areas, gently press down on top of the film to help the resin seal the cracks.

4. Let the Epoxy Set

It usually takes 20-40 minutes for resin to dry and cure. The resin will harden on top of the mirror’s cracks, so it’s best to lay the mirror flat and avoid moving before it’s dry.

5. Peel Away the Stabilizer Film

After the epoxy has dried, carefully peel away the stabilizer film. If you have trouble lifting the film, take the putty knife and use it to lift the edges of the film gently. Remove the stabilizer film with one quick, firm motion, as it may still be sticky.

6. Scrape Away Excess Epoxy Resin

Now that the epoxy is completely exposed, take a razor blade and scrape off the excess from the repaired mirror sections.

Be very cautious during this step, as you don’t want to cause new cracks to develop on top of the mirror or cut yourself in the process. Keep scraping off the resin until the mirror’s surface is completely smooth. It’s best to hold the razor at an angle to get it underneath the epoxy as much as possible. This will prevent you from repeatedly re-scraping the same area on the mirror.

7. Thoroughly Clean the Mirror One More Time

Now that the epoxy has been removed, you can clean the mirror again. If you notice any leftover particles, go back over them with the razor until they are gone. You should see a near-flawless and clean mirror devoid of cracks and streaks.

Tip: If your mirror is large but only has small cracks, chances are that just one windshield repair kit will be enough for the job. However, if the mirror has extensive or exceptionally long cracks, a single repair kit may not have enough stabilizer film and epoxy to cover the entire thing.

In some cases, you may be able to buy multiple repair kits. However, if the crack is too deep and the mirror’s silver backing has been damaged, you will need to replace the mirror.

Get Crafty & Upcycle Your Broken Mirror

Upcycling broken or damaged items is fun and financially savvy.
Upcycling broken or damaged items is fun and financially savvy. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / revcodes)

If you can’t face the prospect of a tedious repair job, your cracked mirror can still be repurposed and upcycled. Broken mirrors aren’t bad luck when you make the most of them! For more upcycling inspiration, check out our guide, 7 Upcycling Ideas for Home Decor.

Here are four crafty ideas to take that broken mirror and give it a new lease of life.

Revamp Old Furniture

Add a bit of razzle dazzle to those tired old furniture items around the home. If you are willing to throw caution to the wind, you can create your own shattered glass furniture without paying the hefty price tag you will see for similar items in upmarket furniture stores. With a new coat of paint and strategically placed glass pieces, you can turn your tired-looking furniture into modern art marvels.

Funky Wall Art

Broken glass can make for a striking conversation piece if you know what to do with it. Why not create some unique wall art instead of throwing the broken mirror in the trash? From a mirrored flower to an array of glass pieces turned into your version of modern art, the glass pieces can be arranged to make an affordable piece of wall art.

You don’t need special skills to create wall art from a broken mirror. Just ensure you wear protective gloves while handling the glass, and get your hands on some strong epoxy glue and a stable surface such as heavy cardboard or canvas for durable backing.

Create Mirrored Lighting

You can create your own hanging mirrored lights using broken mirror pieces and string lights for indoor or outdoor use. If you want a striking lighted mirror effect, go with some bright lights, but if you prefer a more subtle effect, the softer yellow-based lights are a good choice. Attach the broken mirror pieces to the string light using strong epoxy glue. Once dried, turn the string lights on, and you will be gifted with a colorful light display reflecting off the mirror pieces.

Picture Frames

Just paint and decorate a picture frame to your liking, and try gluing pieces of the broken mirror to the frame to give some extra sparkle. Add some artwork or treasured photographic memories to the picture frame as a unique keepsake.

These are just a very few of the many creative ways you can upcycle your broken mirror. Let your imagination run free and see what you can dream up with just a little glue, some time, and your broken mirror pieces.

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