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bee propolis benefits

Bee Propolis: 6 Most Important Benefits and Drawbacks

You may enjoy honey in tea, or beeswax in lip balm, but what about propolis? Let's see if the bee propolis benefits are really worth the buzz. Read more

are gorillas endangered

Gorillas Are Endangered and Here’s How You Can Help

Gorillas are endangered and in need of help — conservation efforts have been somewhat successful, but there is still a long way to go. Learn more here. Read more

Why are tigers endangered

Why Are Tigers Endangered? The 4 Major Threats

Closer than ever to extinction, tiger numbers are consistently declining. There are several reasons why tigers are endangered, and each of them is human-caused. Read more

sheep dipping

Sheep Dipping for Wool: Harmful to Animals, Environment and Humans

Sheep dipping has long been known as a controversial and dangerous practice. Read on to find out the risks and whether there's really a need for sheep dipping. Read more

fox as a pet

A Fox as a Pet? Why That’s Not Cute but Cruel

Foxes are adorable, elusive creatures – many of us could be tempted to keep one in our home. But with just a bit of background knowledge, you can learn why having a fox as a pet is a bad idea. Read more

are bumble bees dangerous

Are Bumble Bees Dangerous? Facts & Safety Tips

We know that they can pack a painful sting, but are bumble bees dangerous? We'll review some basic facts, possible dangers, and safety tips to see what all the buzz is about. Read more

What do corals eat

What Do Corals Eat & How Is It Affected by Climate Change?

Climate change is the greatest global threat to the coral reef ecosystem. Keep reading to find out what corals eat and how it is affected by climate change. Read more

What to feed a stray cat

What to Feed a Stray Cat: 5 Safe & Sustainable Ideas

Want to know what to feed a stray cat and how to do it safely? Follow this guide to gain some practical tips for helping stray cats in your neighbourhood. Read more