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exotic pet cats

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Exotic Pet Cats

Big cats have an allure unlike many other animals. Exotic pet cats may seem like a good idea, but these majestic creatures belong in the wild. Read more

fish leather

Fish Leather: Durability, Ecology, and Sustainability

You may not have known that leather can be made from not just mammals, but fish too. Fish leather could be a sustainable alternative in fashion. Read on to see why. Read more

wildlife of the grand canyon

The Fascinating Wildlife of the Grand Canyon

Wildlife of the Grand Canyon varies across the park. There are a variety of interesting animals to spot while you're out on the trails, so keep your eyes open. Read more

no-bake dog treats

5 Healthy No-Bake Dog Treat Recipes Your Dog Will Love

No-bake dog treats are great for the pooch(es) in your life, and environmentally friendly too. Here are 5 healthy no-bake dog treat recipes your dog will love. Read more

private dog park

Private Dog Park: Pros & Cons of Member-Only Dog Communities

Private dog parks can be a source of pleasure or pain for both dog and owner. Find out if a membership might be right for you and your loyal friend by reading more. Read more


Cryopreservation: How it Works & Its Role in Biodiversity

Cryopreservation is an essential tool in the preservation and restoration of species across the planet. Find out how it works and why it is so important in biodiversity. Read more

What is bycatch

What Is Bycatch & What Problems Does It Cause?

Bycatch refers to marine animals that are accidentally captured during fishing. Below, we'll discuss what problems are caused by bycatch and how they can be prevented. Read more

Cage free eggs

Cage-Free Eggs: A Sustainable Choice?

Cage-free eggs don't necessarily mean that the hens have been kept in humane conditions. We'll tell you why eggs are an unsustainable food source, and why you should avoid them. Read more