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what is mohair

What Is Mohair Made of & Is It Ethical?

What is mohair? Mohair fleece is among the most expensive textiles in the world and is cherished for its softness and durability. But despite its many attractive qualities, mohair has been banned by many clothing brands due to the appalling animal cruelty that is often involved in its production.  Read more

figs not vegan

Why Figs Are Not (Always) Vegan

Even though they are a member of the fruit family, many people consider figs not vegan. We’ll explain the connection between figs and wasps. Read more

5 free apps to identify bugs and insects

5 Free Apps to Identify Bugs and Insects

Bug identifier apps are full of interesting facts and will help you learn more about your local environment. These 5 free insect identification apps will make for hours of outdoor fun. Read more

You can get a bird out of your home or home in just 3 simple steps

How To Get a Bird Out of Your House

These 3 easy steps will guide you on how to get a bird out of your house safely and without harm. After saving the animal, make sure to prevent birds from entering your home again. Read more

how to keep cats away from christmas tree

How to Keep Cats Away From the Christmas Tree

During the festive season, you may be wondering how to keep cats away from Christmas trees. Thankfully, there are several humane and effective methods. Read more

why do llamas spit

Why Do Llamas Spit? Is It Dangerous?

Let's be honest, many of us have chuckled a little at those online viral videos of llamas spitting on people. But why do llamas spit? And is it actually dangerous? Read more

how to catch a mouse without a trap

Kind Capture: How to Catch a Mouse Without a Trap

Wondering how to catch a mouse without a trap, save its life, and relocate it to a place where it won't return? Here are 2 step-by-step methods you can use. Read more

Why is my dog staring at me?

Why Is My Dog Staring at Me? Here’s What Experts Say It Means

Why is my dog staring at me? Read on to find out what experts say about what it means when you're being captured by the intense gaze of those big puppy dog eyes. Read more