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what is Squalene?

What Is Squalene? The Controversy Around Squalene and Squalane

What is squalene, and how does it differ from squalane? Here's what you need to know about the controversy surrounding how they're taken from deep-sea sharks. Read more

best nature documentaries

The 13 Best Nature Documentaries of All Time

The best nature documentaries teach us about the unique ecosystems on the planet and prompt us to take action. Check out our curated list for inspiration. Read more

Conservation vs. Preservation

Conservation vs. Preservation: Differences & Similarities

Conservation vs. preservation, how do they differ? Learn about the key differences between these two approaches to protecting our natural and cultural heritage. Read more

solutions to overfishing

4 Solutions to Overfishing and What You Can Do

Solutions to overfishing are crucial to mitigate the impact humans have on the world's largest ecosystem. Here's how individuals can help. Read more

birds that eat spiders

10 Birds That Eat Spiders and How to Attract Them

Did you know that a bunch of different birds eat spiders? Here are the birds that eat spiders and how it can benefit you. Read more

bread for birds

Is Bread Bad for Birds? Why You Shouldn’t Feed Ducks & Other Birds

Is bread bad for birds? How many times have you seen people feed bread to birds in movies, on TV, and in commercials? — bread is not recommended for birds. Read more

Is burning incense bad for dogs?

Is Incense Bad for Dogs? 4 Alternatives

Is incense bad for dogs? Find out if your favorite fragrances are harmful to your dog's health and why — and if there are safer alternatives. Read more


COP15 vs. COP27: What Was the Difference?

Two similar UN summits, the COP15 and COP27 of 2022 had key differences in their topics of discussion and outcomes. Learn more about the COP15 and what was decided in Montreal in December. Read more