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animals that mate for life

18 Surprising Animals That Mate for Life

Don't trust anyone who tells you that monogamy isn't natural! Amazingly, many animals mate for life and have a lot to teach us about loyalty. Read more

indoor vs. outdoor cats

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats: Crucial Pros & Cons Explained

Indoor vs. outdoor cats: which is healthiest and safest for your feline friend? Discover the pros and cons of keeping your cat inside versus allowing them to roam outdoors. Read more

hummingbird nectar recipe

4 Hummingbird Nectar Recipes to Attract Birds to Your Garden

These four homemade hummingbird nectar recipes use sugar, fruit juice and honey to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators to your garden. Read more

feed ducks

What Should You Feed Ducks? (Hint: It’s Not Bread)

What should you feed ducks? Make a difference in the lives of our feathered friends by learning what to feed them & why bread isn't on the menu. Read more

DIY fruit fly traps

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with White Vinegar & Dish Soap

Looking for a simple solution to eliminate fruit flies? Learn how to get rid of fruit flies with white vinegar and stop them from returning. Read more

extinct animals

Gone Forever: 10 Extinct Animals Humans Pushed to the Brink

Humanity has irreversibly harmed Earth's biodiversity, woven over millions of years. Read our list of extinct animals to understand why conservation efforts matter now. Read more

are giraffes endangered

Are Giraffes Endangered? Myths and Truths Explained

Are giraffes endangered? We'll take a closer look at the world’s tallest mammals along with the misconceptions you might still believe about them. Read more

Biscuit beetle

Biscuit Beetles: What They Are & How To Prevent Them

They contaminate your food and feast on your cookies — learn how to get rid of biscuit beetles without resorting to nasty insecticides that harm the environment. Read more