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How to Keep Cats Away From the Christmas Tree

how to keep cats away from christmas tree
Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Myshun

During the festive season, you may be wondering how to keep cats away from Christmas trees. Thankfully, there are several humane and effective methods.

Owning a feline friend can be tremendous fun – but that doesn’t mean that your cat’s mischievous ways go unnoticed. As a cat owner, you may be anxious for both the safety of your cat and your Christmas tree during the festive season.

Questions such as ‘will my cat climb up my tree’, or ‘will a bauble get smashed’ may pop up in your mind. However, you don’t need to worry. There are several effective and humane methods that will help to keep your cat away from your tree. Below, we’ll take a look at how to keep cats away from Christmas trees.     

How to Keep Cats Away From Christmas Trees

Use orange peels to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree.
Use orange peels to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

There are several effective methods to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree. Even better, these humane methods won’t bring any harm to your furry friend. 

  • Citrus fruits: Wrap some lemon peels and orange peels around the base of your tree and the lower branches if you wish. You should replace these every few days to keep the scent fresh. Most cats hate the scent of citrus fruits, so this method should help to deter any temptation on your cat’s end. Alternatively, you can use a citrus-scented repellent spray. 
  • Foil: As well as adding some citrus peels to your tree, you can wrap the base of your tree in foil. You could also try adding it in other ways that you feel are appropriate. Just make sure not to go too overboard. Many cats hate the sound, look and feel of the material, so it should help to keep them well away. 
  • Pinecones: Cats also hate pine cones. Add some pinecones to the base of your Christmas tree, or alternatively, make them into a decoration and hang them securely on the branches.  
  • Sprays: Use a spray repellent on your tree that is tailored for cats. 
  • Placement: The placement of your Christmas tree is vital if you don’t want your cat to launch itself into it. You should place your Christmas tree away from any furniture which your cat could potentially use as leverage to access your tree, for example, next to a sofa or table. 
  • Apple cider vinegar: Just like citrus scents, many cats also hate the smell of apple cider vinegar. Spray some on some pinecones or around the base of your tree. 

All the methods listed above should pose minimal harm to your cat, and they are also incredibly easy to implement. Using a combination of several methods may help to produce the best results when it comes to keeping your cat away from your tree.  

Other Safety Tips for Your Cat

You should hang ornaments higher up on your tree so it is harder to reach for your cat.
You should hang ornaments higher up on your tree so it is harder to reach for your cat.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Myshun)

While it is useful to deter your cats with scents and other deterring methods, there are also other risk factors that could be harmful to your cat. Now you have mastered the best methods to keep cats away from Christmas trees, you can move on to safety tips. These safety tips will help to ensure the safety of your cat during the holiday season – and we’re sure your furry friend will thank you for it too. 

  • Cord safety: Cover up wires and cords with cord covers and tape, covering from the wall outlet all the way to the tree. This should prevent your cat from biting and chewing at them. Biting through cords can lead to burns and electrocution. It’s important to protect your cat. 
  • Water: If you’re using a real tree, cover the water bowl with a tree skirt or another alternative cat-proof material so that your cat can’t access the water. The water could be harmful to your cat if they consume it. 
  • Lighting: If you’re going to use lighting, place it on the upper half or center of your tree so your cat is less likely to chew on them. However, if your cat continually attempts to chew the lights, it’s best to remove them. You should also turn your lights off when your cat isn’t under your supervision. This way they won’t chew on them without you knowing.
  • Decorations: Don’t use tinsel, candles, or small ornaments. They could be hazardous for your cat and may be a choking hazard. Instead, you could use wood or vegan felt. You should also avoid fake snow and other food and plants that may be poisonous for your cat, such as mistletoe or chocolate. In addition, you should tie ornaments securely to your tree instead of using metal hooks. You could even try making a paper Christmas star, which won’t harm your cat if they manage to capture it.
  • Placement: Focus on the upper half of your Christmas tree when placing ornaments and decorations, and don’t leave them hanging right on the end of branches. This will make it harder for your cat to reach them and potentially pull them off or start playing with them.
  • Bells: You can place jingly bells on the bottom branches of your tree to alert you when your cat is up to mischief. This way, you can keep an eye on what they are doing.   

Cats are born to jump and climb, so using these methods should help to deter any urges they may have to start attacking your tree. It will also help to keep them safe. Hopefully, these methods will help to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree and prevent any festive worries. It is also important to dispose of your Christmas tree correctly when you’re finished with it.   

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