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The best free and paid plant care apps.

The 4 Most Helpful Free and Paid Plant Care Apps

Prepare your green thumbs as we review the best plant care apps available for both iOS and Android. We'll share the finest plant care apps, both free and premium, so your home can bloom in no time. Read more

how to get rid of june bugs

Get Rid of June Bugs Fast With These 3 Proven Methods

Learn how to get rid of pesky June bugs with these three proven methods that are eco-friendly and effective. We'll show you how to make natural traps, use deterrents, and modify your garden to control the problem. Read more

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Which Way Should a Fan Spin in Summer to Save Energy & Cool You Down?

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Health benefits of ice bath.

9 Health Benefits of Ice Baths That Will Make You Brave the Cold

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Homemade ant trap

How to Make A Homemade Ant Trap: Step-by-Step DIY

Do you want to get rid of that trail of ants running through the house without using toxic pesticides? Here are two ways to make a homemade ant trap. Read more

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7 Eid Decorations Ideas (That You Can Make at Home)

Eid is a wonderful time for Muslims to celebrate the end of 30 days of fasting and religious devotion. We'll share some decoration ideas that you can make at home to celebrate. Read more

poisonous houseplants

6 Poisonous Houseplants to Keep Away From Kids and Pets

Houseplants look beautiful but can be dangerous if the wrong hands (or paws) get hold of them. We'll share six poisonous houseplants to keep away from kids and pets. Read more

when was asbestos banned

When Was Asbestos Banned and Why?

For decades, products containing the material asbestos were widely used until scientists discovered the devastating health effects of prolonged asbestos exposure. When exactly was asbestos banned and more importantly why? Read more