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How to keep warm without electricity

How To Keep Warm Without Electricity

Learning how to keep warm without electricity is a valuable life hack. Read on to learn how you can keep yourself and your home warm without electricity. Read more

insulated windows

3 Simple Ways to Quickly Insulate Your Windows

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winter activities for kids

Stop Boredom With These 20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

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How to make potpourri

How to Make Potpourri: Wet or Dry Method

Learn how to make potpourri and turn your everyday kitchen and garden waste into elegant, fragrant and attractive additions to your home. Read more

zero voc paint

5 Zero-VOC Paints to Keep Toxic Fumes Out of Your Home

When changing up the look of your home, choosing VOC-free paints may be more important than the color! Keep reading to find out why and which eco-friendly paint we recommend. Read more

If it's yellow let it mellow.

If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow: The Environmental Impact of Flushing

Does the phrase "if it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown flush it down" really help to save water? We'll investigate the environmental impact of flushing the toilet. Read more

Thanksgiving activities for adults

15 Post-Turkey Thanksgiving Activities for Adults

Time to spice up your holiday routine and try out some new Thanksgiving activities for adults this year. We'll show you the fifteen best post-dinner activities. Read more

does being cold make you sick

Does Being Cold Make You Sick — Or Does It Toughen You Up?

You may wish to save money and energy this winter by turning your heat down, but does being cold make you sick? We'll take a closer look to see if it does more harm than good. Read more