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homemade halloween decorations

8 Halloween Decoration Ideas That Are More Eco-friendly

These homemade Halloween decorations are the perfect way to enjoy an inexpensive and eco-friendly spooky season. Take look at our homemade decoration ideas! Read more

diy halloween costume ideas

13 DIY Halloween Costumes Using Items Your Already Own

These DIY Halloween costume ideas are great whether you like to plan ahead or throw things together last minute. You can be a spooky bat, cute strawberry, or one of many others. Read more

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How to Keep Cats Away From the Christmas Tree

During the festive season, you may be wondering how to keep cats away from Christmas trees. Thankfully, there are several humane and effective methods. Read more

Homemade furniture polish

Homemade Furniture Polish: 3 Eco-Friendly Methods

Some store-bought furniture polish will make wood look dirtier over time. Switch to eco-friendly homemade furniture polish for the benefit of your furniture and the planet. Read more

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Can You Eat Gourds? All About This Autumnal Fruit

Can you eat gourds, or are they just for decoration? In this guide, we'll explore this autumnal fruit in more depth and show you how you can use them. Read more

dyed flowers

Dyed Flowers: Natural Science Experiment for Kids

Dyed flowers are a fun way to teach kids about plants. And when the project is done, you'll have beautiful, vibrant flowers! Read more

what is smudging

What Is Smudging? How to Sage a House for Positive Energy

Smudging a home makes room for positive energy and cleanses your space of unwelcome negativity. But what is smudging, exactly? Let's look at what it is and how to do it. Read more

feng shui home office

The Guide to a Feng Shui Home Office

A feng shui space helps you feel mindful and in tune with your environment. Use this guide to a feng shui home office to maximize productivity and optimize your workspace. Read more