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Saskia Ainsworth

Saskia is a freelance content writer for Utopia, who also writes for The Things and Happy Headlines. Her focal point is writing about sustainability, aiming to provide positive content that will make a difference. When she’s not writing, Saskia enjoys reading about science and writing.

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When to Harvest Butternut Squash: Tips & Tricks

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What Do Bees Eat — Do They Eat Their Own Honey?

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Good King Henry: How to Grow, Harvest & Cook the Healthy “Weed”

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17 Best Free Plant Identification Apps & What They Can Do

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Can You Eat Salmon Skin? All Pros and Cons Explained

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Is “No Dig” Gardening the Veggie-Growing Method for You?

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Grow Better Veggies with These Cucumber Companion Plants

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