How to Make a Paper Christmas Star: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

easy Step-by-step guide on how to make paper christmas stars
Photo: Utopia

Need last-minute Christmas decorations? We’ll show you how to make paper stars to hang on your tree this year. You can even use old tea packets and turn them into Christmas stars. Simply follow this easy step-by-step guide. 

How to Make Paper Stars: The Materials

Tea packets don’t need to head straight for the trash. Start saving them up and use them to make paper stars! There’s nothing like ringing in the holiday season with some creative, sustainable, and minimalist Christmas decor!

You can make a Christmas star with a variety of different tea packets and create a wonderful multicolored masterpiece. Or keep things simple and use only brand or flavor to make a vibrant and colorful eye-catching work of art – the choice is yours! Now let’s get to work.

To make a paper Christmas star, you will need:

  • 4 empty tea packets
  • scissors
  • scotch tape

Of course, you can use any kind of paper to make your paper stars. If you decide to use craft paper (or newspaper, or magazin pages, or any other type of paper), simply adjust the instructions below accordingly.

Utopia’s tip: Looking for more fun and festive family projects for the kids? Try making Salt dough ornaments or homemade playdough.

Step By Step: How to Make a Christmas Star

Step 1: Cut off the Edges of the Tea Packets

  • First, carefully unfold the tea packets at the edges. While doing this, take care not to rip the paper packaging.
  • Some tea packages have colored or textures edges. Go ahead and cut these off if present.

Step 2: Crop your Tea Packets into Squares

How to make paper Christmas stars step by step 1
How to make Christmas stars: Cut the unfolded tea packets into squares. (Photo: Utopia)
  • The next step in crafting your own homemade paper Christmas star is cutting the tea packet down to size.
  • You can cut down one empty tea packet into two squares. Fold the bottom corner of the piece of paper up to form a triangle. Fold it down again and you have a square.
  • Now cut out the square and repeat this step with the second piece of the tea packet.

Step 3: Fold the Points of your Paper Star

How to make Christmas stars from paper easy step by step guide step 2
Next step: Fold one corner of the triangles inward. (Photo: Utopia)
  • Turn the tea packet over to the printed side. Refold the paper square into a triangle. Fold the right corner of the triangle inwards towards the middle as depicted above.
  • Repeat this step with the rest of the tea packets. Try to fold the corners inwards at approximately the same length each time.

Step 4: Tape the Points of your Christmas Star

Christmas paper stars easy step by step guide instructions
Now you can begin taping the pieces of your Christmas paper star together. (Photo: Utopia)
  • Tape all the triangular points of your stars together to make a complete paper Christmas star. Tape the pieces together in the middle and repeat this step until all pieces are adjoined.

Step 5: Your Paper Christmas Star is Finished!

How to make Christmas stars step by step easy guide instructions
Your paper Christmas star is finished! (Photo: Utopia)

Once you’ve taped together all points of your paper star, you’re finished! You have successfully learned how to make a Christmas star. Place this festive holiday decoration front and center on your dining room table or hang it up for everybody to see.

Here’s an idea: Why not do your part in reducing plastic and paper waste this holiday season and stick your paper Christmas star on a present instead of tying a bow with plastic ribbon?

Looking for even more creative and sustainable ways to lend your gifts a personal touch while keep things waste-free this Christmas? Check out 10 Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas: Waste Less Paper for more eco-friendly gift wrapping inspiration.

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