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Things to do on fathers day

14 Things to Do on Father’s Day for Foodies, Outdoorsy Dads & More

There are more options for things to do on Father's Day than just making a card. From vegan grilling to a luxe at-home spa day, find an activity to suit the dad in your life. Read more

chemical vs physical sunscreen

Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreen: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

What's the difference between mineral, physical and chemical sunscreen? Which is the one with zinc oxide again? Is sunscreen bad for you — or the environment? What does SPF measure and "broad spectrum” mean? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.  Read more

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day 2023: 19 Earth Day Activities to Support Our Planet

Make Earth Day 2023 fun and impactful with these 19 Earth Day activities that will help you celebrate, connect with nature and make a difference! Read more

eid decoration ideas

7 Eid Decorations Ideas (That You Can Make at Home)

Eid is a wonderful time for Muslims to celebrate the end of 30 days of fasting and religious devotion. We'll share some decoration ideas that you can make at home to celebrate. Read more

Natural Easter egg dye recipe from scratch colored eggs

Easy Natural Egg Dye Recipes Using Spices and Vegetables

This Easter, embrace natural egg dye's vibrant hues and dye your eggs with organic ingredients! Here's how to do it and create fun patterns. Read more

Vegan Easter candy

Your Ultimate Guide to Vegan Easter Candy Brands

Which brands offer vegan Easter candy? With Easter coming up, supermarkets are overflowing with tempting treats. Here are the brands to hop on — and ones to skip. Read more

easter dinner for vegetarians

Vegetarian Easter Dinner Ideas to Wow Your Guests (Mains, Sides & Desserts)

From delicious desserts to mouthwatering entrees, these plant-based meals have something for everyone. Here are some crowd-pleasing vegetarian Easter dinner ideas. Read more

Spring break destinations 2022

5 Unforgettable & Eco-friendly Spring Break Destinations (2023)

Looking for this year's best spring break destinations? From wild camping to cozy inns, here are the eco-friendly travel ideas you need. Read more