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Best vegan milk

What Is the Best Plant-Based Milk, and Should You Make the Swap?

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Aloe vera juice.

Aloe Vera Juice: Health Benefits and How to Make It

Aloe vera is a popular houseplant, but that's not its only use! Try making aloe vera juice and reap the benefits of this refreshing and healthy beverage. Read more

what is cold brew coffee, how to make cold brew coffee, cold brew coffee recipe

What Is Cold Brew Coffee? The Best Recipe for a Sustainable Caffeine Fix

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What is the fastest way to cure dehydration

What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Dehydration? Water, Tea, Electrolytes & Co.

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What is specialty coffee.

What Is Specialty Coffee and Is It Really Sustainable?

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rose hip syrup recipe

Rose Hip Syrup Recipe: A Vitamin C Infusion

Rose hip syrup helped fight vitamin deficiency during World War II, but what is it? Here is all the info and a rose hip syrup recipe to get your immune system singing. Read more

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How to Make Dandelion Tea (and Why You Should)

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last? 5 Ways to Increase Shelf Life

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