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how to freeze okra

How to Freeze Okra 2 Ways

Freezing okra is the best way to save it for a future recipe when it's no longer in season or in stock. Learn how to freeze okra using these two simple methods. Read more

how to freeze rhubarb

How to Freeze Rhubarb Fresh or Blanched

In this guide, we'll show you how to freeze rhubarb so that you can store it correctly and increase its shelf life. You can freeze it either fresh or blanched. Read more

can you freeze pumpkin

Can You Freeze Pumpkin Pie, Puree or Canned Pumpkin?

It's hard to go without pumpkin when it's not in season! Here's how to preserve it for year-round enjoyment. Read more

can you freeze baked beans

Can You Freeze Baked Beans? 7 Tricks to Save Time

Freezing food produce and leftover meals will help prevent food waste, but can you freeze baked beans? Here we give you some good practical tips on how to do so. Read more

how to freeze corn on the cob

How To Freeze Corn On the Cob – Blanched and Unblanched

Corn season is in full swing, making it an ideal time to learn how to freeze corn on the cob. You'll get to enjoy the fresh taste of summer long after the season ends. Read more

can you freeze grapes

Can You Freeze Grapes? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wondering if you can freeze grapes? You definitely can. Here is everything you need to know about freezing grapes for a variety of uses, and some handy tips for thawing them. Read more

How to preserve tomatoes

How To Preserve Tomatoes: 3 Easy & Quick Methods

By learning how to preserve tomatoes, you can continue to enjoy their incredible flavor all year long. Try one of these three quick and easy methods. Read more

how to freeze chives

How to Freeze Chives & Preserve Them

Learning how to freeze chives can help reduce waste and enable you to enjoy their vibrant flavor for longer. Once frozen, they can be used in a variety of recipes! Read more