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How to air fry tofu.

How to Air Fry Tofu Perfectly Every Time

Tofu can be cooked in the air fryer with no oil and in only ten minutes. We'll show you how to air-fry tofu perfectly every time, with this delicious, flavorful recipe. Read more

how to freeze cilantro

How to Freeze Cilantro in 3 Easy Steps

Cilantro adds a burst of flavor as an ingredient or garnish. But what if you've got a lot of it and don't want it to go to waste? Here is how to freeze cilantro quickly. Read more

how to freeze yellow squash

How to Freeze Yellow Squash 2 Ways

Ever wanted to know how to freeze yellow squash? Keep reading for 2 simple methods to help reduce food waste and make your glut of squash last longer. Read more

hazelnut cream

How to Make Vegan Hazelnut Cream

Hazelnut cream is a bona fide comfort food fave, but you don't need to grab a jar of Nutella next time you get cravings. Instead, try making your own vegan hazelnut cream at home! Read more