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Life without plastic easy tips

Life Without Plastic: Simple Tips for Going Plastic-Free

Plastic makes our lives easier, but it’s destroying our planet. Getting rid of plastic can seem impossible, but it's actually easy to find everyday alternatives to plastic. Read more

How long does bottled water last?

How Long Does Bottled Water Last? Does It Matter?

How long does bottled water last? The answer is complicated. But does it matter? Yes — our most vital resource is precious and facing mounting threats every day. Read more

What is bpa free

BPA and Plastics: What Is BPA-Free?

Probably having read it on more and more labels, you might be wondering: what is "BPA-free", what does that even mean? We'll explain what BPA is, and why it's important to avoid. Read more

Sweet potatoes plastic packaging eliminate waste

How To Put an End To Buying Vegetables in Plastic Packaging

Plastic-free shopping isn't hard. Everybody can contribute to waste reduction by cutting wrapped up groceries from their shopping list. We'll show you how – in three easy tips. Read more

how to store pizza dough

How to Store Pizza Dough Without Plastic Wrap

Store pizza dough properly to keep it good and guarantee a tasty crust. Here is how to store pizza dough with 4 simple methods. Read more

Tampon Alternatives

Top 5 Tampon Alternatives That Are Also More Sustainable

Disposable sanitary products usually end up in landfills or on our beaches. But there are a range of tampon alternatives available which are better for the environment. Read more

Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe

Is Tupperware Dishwasher Safe? Just Check This 1 Thing

Reusable plastic food containers help us store leftovers and reduce food waste, and they are great for lunch on-the-go. But is Tupperware dishwasher safe? Read on to find out. Read more

can you recycle wrapping paper

Can You Recycle Wrapping Paper? A Basic Guide

Can you recycle wrapping paper? Here's a handy basic guide to which wrapping paper you can recycle. Be a greener gift giver! Read more