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Cold composting.

Cold Composting 101: How to Get Started

Tired of babysitting your compost pile? Cold composting is a low-maintenance alternative that allows you to ignore your compost and get the same results. Read on for how to get started. Read more

shoudn't dispose of in paper trash

5 Things You Shouldn’t Dispose Of In Paper Trash

Not all paper is recyclable, so it's important to learn which products you shouldn't dispose of in paper trash. Create a green routine using the following tips. Read more

What are compost toilets

What Are Compost Toilets and How do They Work?

Compost toilets are dry toilets that turn human waste into compost and minimize water use. We'll take a look at the different types of compost toilets available and how they work. Read more

what is environmental engineering

What Is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineers work to maintain the health of humans and the environment. Learn what environmental engineering is and how it impacts the environment. Read more

how long does meat last in the freezer

How Long Does Meat Last in the Freezer

How long does meat last in the freezer? It's worth finding out. Rather than wasting food, read below to see if your freezer contents are suitable for your next meal. Read more

Storing strawberries how to keep strawberries fresh

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh: Storing Strawberries Like a Pro

Storing strawberries correctly is key to keeping them fresh. Utopia will show how to store strawberries like a pro and how to keep them fresh for longer. Read more

Ginger Peel

Ginger Peel: When You DON’T Have to Peel & How to Use It When You DO

Ginger root is spicy, healthy, and delicious, yet so much can be wasted if peeled incorrectly. But does ginger need to be peeled? Is it safe to eat ginger peel? Read more

circular economy examples

Circular Economy: 6 Examples and Their Impact

What goes around, comes around: in this piece, we will cover some circular economy examples, discuss their impact, and explain the concept behind the economic model. Read more