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microplastics in food

Microplastics in Food: What the Heck?

Plastic is one of the most useful but also harmful inventions of the last century. Why are microplastics in food bad, how do they get there and what can you do? Read more

flushable cat litter

Why Not to Flush Flushable Cat Litter

Disposing of your cat's litter is an unfabulous task that every cat-parent has to endure. Read on to find out why you shouldn't flush 'flushable' cat litter and how to dispose of it out more sustainably. Read more

dispose of antifreeze

Antifreeze: How to Safely Dispose of It

Antifreeze is essential to running your vehicle safely and sustainably. But what is antifreeze made out of and how do we handle and dispose of it correctly? We explain how to dispose of antifreeze without harming yourself or the environment. Read more