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Charlott Morling

Charlott Morling is a freelance author for Utopia.

natural remedies for sore throat

7 Natural Remedies for Sore Throat: Cure Sore Throat Fast

We’ll show you natural home remedies for a sore throat. This way, you can get rid of your pain naturally – without pills or other kinds of medicine. Read more

frying pan cake

Frying Pan Cake Recipe: Irresistible Apple Cake in a Skillet

Are you looking for an easy and delicious recipe for apple frying pan cake? You don’t need an oven to bake it — all you need is a skillet! Read more

spring fever

Spring Fever and Fatigue: Causes and Remedies

Spring brings warmth, longer days, new growth...and spring fever. We’ll look at what causes spring fever and what you can do to combat it. Read more

Burnet Flower

Learn How to Find, Grow and Use Salad Burnet

Salad burnet is a versatile, easy-to-grow culinary and medicinal herb. It's rich in vitamin C and has a refreshing and unusual flavor. Read more

what to do if you find a baby bird

What to Do If You Find a Baby Bird: How to Help

Let's say you find a baby bird that fell out of its nest, now what? Here are a few tips on what to do if you've found a baby bird, and how you can help. Read more

cashew cream cheese

Cashew Cream Cheese: A Vegan Alternative

Cashew cream cheese is a vegan alternative to classic cream cheese. It contains no animal products, and requires only a few ingredients. We’ll share the basic recipe, and show you a few creative variations. Read more

drying peppers

3 Easy Methods for Drying Chili Peppers

Drying peppers is an easy way to preserve them. We’ll show you how to dry chili peppers and how to store them so you can enjoy them longer. Read more

how to remove super glue

How to Remove Superglue from Skin, Textiles, and Surfaces

Before you know it, it’s already happened. Despite your best efforts, super glue has somehow made its way onto your clothing, skin, or work surface. We’ll show you how to remove super glue without using heavy chemicals. Read more