Christie Sacco

Christie Sacco studied philosophy and religion at Stony Brook University and is an in-house translator at Utopia. Christie is a full time digital nomad.

homemade glue homemade glue

| Store-bought glue can give off toxic fumes that kids might breathe in while they do arts and crafts. Why not make your own homemade glue? We’ll give you two recipes for craft glue that is even safe to eat.

is parmesan vegetarian is parmesan vegetarian

| Is parmesan cheese vegetarian? The short answer is, no. We’ll tell you exactly why not, and take a look at what plant-based alternatives are available.

Guerrilla gardening Guerrilla gardening

| Guerrilla gardening is a grassroots movement that uses gardening as a form of protest, and as a means of community building. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about guerrilla gardening.

toilet paper alternatives toilet paper alternatives

| Plastic bottles, straws, plastic shopping bags, paper cups: in our daily lives, many of us make a concerted effort to choose waste-free options to replace disposable products. But our search for a better way tends to stop at the bathroom door. In this article, we’ll show you how you can make the switch to more sustainable toilet paper alternatives.