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plant soil mold

Why is My Plant Soil Moldy and How Do I Fix It?

Found white mold on your plant soil? Then better act fast. In this guide, you'll learn how to deal with infested plants and why plant soil becomes moldy. Read more

sterilizing jars for canning

Sterilizing Jars for Canning: Step By Step Guide

If you’re planning on doing your own canning at home, the first thing you’ll need to know is how to sterilize your canning jars. We’ll show you three easy methods for sterilizing jars for canning to help you get your containers germ-free asap. Read more


Caigua Plant Care: When And How To Plant Caigua Fruit

If you’re looking for an interesting new addition to your garden, caigua is a great choice. Despite being indigenous to the Andes mountains in South America, this vegetable also grows well in temperate climates. Read more

rose diseases

6 Rose Diseases and Pests and How to Treat Them

If you’re a hobby gardener, sooner or later, you are likely to be faced with rose diseases and pests. We’ll give you overview of the most common problems, and what to do about them. Read more

how to use coconut oil for hair

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair: 3 Tips

We’ll show you three ways to apply coconut oil to your hair. This easy remedy will help you get the strong, healthy hair that you’ve always wanted. Read more

peanut butter cookies

Low Carb Cookies: Recipes for Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

No need to skip snack time on your low carb diet: Try Utopia's own low carb peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie recipes for a delicious snack or dessert. Read more