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Paul Parzyszek

Paul Parzyszek is a freelance author with Utopia. He studied English and Psychology, has worked as an educator for five years, and is currently in graduate school for English Language Education. A former organic farmer, he enjoys long hikes, foraging mushrooms, and brewing wine.

vegan kimchi

Easy Vegetarian & Vegan Kimchi Recipe

Looking for a healthy dish that packs a punch? Adding vegan kimchi is a nutritious way to create some memorable dishes and spice up your diet. Read more

peat moss alternatives

Peat Moss Alternatives: 7 More Eco-Friendly Options

Although peat moss may seem like the ideal soil amendment, using it is incredibly destructive to the environment. Consider using peat moss alternatives instead. Read more

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Pineapple Peel: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Them Away

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What Is Pandan

What Is Pandan? Benefits, Culinary Uses and Sustainability

You may have seen it in Asian grocery stores or on Thai dessert menus, but what is pandan? Read on to explore the benefits and uses of this fragrant tropical leaf. Read more

aronia berry benefits

Aronia Berry Benefits, Side Effects & Usage

Introducing America's most underappreciated native superfood, the aronia berry. Read on for aronia berry benefits, plant care, and uses for this mouth-puckering fruit. Read more

tea decaffeination

Tea Decaffeination: The 4 Methods Explained

Yes, tea decaffeination is a thing. We'll explain the impact of the four commonly used methods on the tea's flavor, and suggest some tasty and sustainable caffeine-free alternatives. Read more

What is fruit pectin

What Is Fruit Pectin & How Can You Make It?

You'll find it listed as an ingredient in most jam recipes, but what is fruit pectin? We'll do a deeper dive into this mystery ingredient, and show you how to make it. Read more

what is a flexitarian diet

What Is a Flexitarian Diet and How Can It Help the Environment?

Interested in going vegetarian without the commitment of giving up meat forever? Read on to learn what a flexitarian diet is and if it's right for you. Read more