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Paul Parzyszek

Paul Parzyszek is a freelance author with Utopia. He studied English and Psychology, has worked as an educator for five years, and is currently in graduate school for English Language Education. A former organic farmer, he enjoys long hikes, foraging mushrooms, and brewing wine.

Crabapple jelly

Easy Crabapple Jelly Recipe

Wondering what to do with a tree full of crabapples? Crabapple jelly is a simple, tasty, and free way to put these common, yet under-appreciated fruits to use. Read more

Travel by Bike

Travel by Bike: 10 Tips on How to Start in the US

Tired of the pain at the pump? Travel by bike is sustainable way to exercise, save money, and reach your destination. Start your cycling journey with the following tips. Read more

coffee decaffeination

How Does Coffee Decaffeination Work? The 3 Methods Explained

Want to switch to decaf, but don't know how it's made? We'll explore the three main methods of coffee decaffeination and which yields the tastiest and most sustainable brew. Read more

how long does meat last in the freezer

How Long Does Meat Last in the Freezer

How long does meat last in the freezer? It's worth finding out. Rather than wasting food, read below to see if your freezer contents are suitable for your next meal. Read more

Summer activities for adults

The 9 Best Eco-Friendly Summer Activities For Adults

Looking for a way to switch off the air conditioner, kick back, and enjoy the summer? We've compiled a list of sustainable summer activities for adults to inspire you. Read more

natural lawns

Natural Lawns: A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Grass

Tired of pouring so much time, effort, money, and fertilizer into maintaining your perfect lawn? Natural lawns might be the sustainable and low maintenance solution. Read more

garlic shoots

10 Tasty Ways To Use Garlic Shoots

The vibrant stalks of garlic shoots can be seen bundled together in farmer's markets or curled among your garden garlic. We'll explore what they are and 10 tasty ways to use them. Read more

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Can You Dispose of Wood Ash in the Compost?

Adding wood ash in compost is a great way to dispose of your fireplace waste while also providing a nutritional boost to your garden. Learn more about it here. Read more