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can you freeze potatoes

Freezing Potatoes 101: Can You Freeze Potatoes? How & Why

Can you freeze potatoes? What about raw potatoes? From choosing the right spuds to mastering proper storage methods, here's what you need to know for the best results. Read more

black plastic

What Makes Black Plastic an Environmental Nightmare?

Learn the truth about black plastic and how it can hurt your health and the environment. Find practical, eco-friendly alternatives to help you make smarter, greener choices. Read more

yellow broccoli

Is Broccoli That’s Turning Yellow Safe to Eat?

Wondering whether the yellow broccoli in your refrigerator is still safe to eat? We’ll give you the answer and show you how to keep broccoli fresher for longer. Read more

bubble recipe

How to Make Bubble Solution Without Glycerine

Here are three different bubble recipes for DIY bubble solutions without the chemical glycerine. They're safe and easy — and make for hours of fun! Read more

vegan carbonara

Dairy-Free Carbonara Delight: A Hearty Vegan Carbonara Recipe

Embrace the comfort of a classic Italian dish with this delectable vegan carbonara recipe that won't compromise your plant-based lifestyle. Read more

do i even need this

“Do I Even Need This?” One Student’s Quest to Overcome Clutter

Read about one young student's journey as she takes an honest look at her possessions, rethinks her relationship with consumerism and discovers the benefits of minimalism. Read more


What If We All Became Vegetarian?

More plants, less meat: switching to a vegetarian diet could prevent up to two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions and save millions of lives. Read more

How to Freeze Asparagus

How to Freeze Asparagus Step-by-Step: Preserve Freshness, Flavor

Learn how to freeze asparagus perfectly every time with our step-by-step guide to freezing asparagus while retaining its freshness and flavor. Read more