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DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe

diy seed starting mix
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Making your own DIY seed starting mix is easier than you might think. We outline a simple seed starting mix recipe that will give your homegrown plants and herbs the best start.

By making your own DIY seed starting mix, you can not only save money but also put together a mix that combines organic ingredients. This method ensures that you can avoid any unwanted substances or non-organic ingredients that are often included in store-bought seed starting products. Seeds will grow just as well with homemade seed starter.

Three simple ingredients is all that you need to put together your seed starting mix at home. They can be found in most garden centers, and you may even be able to find organic products directly in the store.

    Seed Starting Mix Ingredients

    You don't need soil for your seed starting mix.
    You don't need soil for your seed starting mix.
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    Coco coir

    Coco coir is cheap, easy to source, and is a better option than sphagnum moss, which can damage the environment when harvested in the wild. Coco coir offers the same moisture-retaining properties and is made from the fibers found on the outside of coconut shells.


    Perlite is used to provide your seed starting mix with good drainage and aeration to help your seeds really thrive in those early stages of growth. It is a lightweight volcanic glass that resembles little white pebbles.


    Brown and granular in appearance, vermiculite has amazing water-absorbing properties that will be of great benefit to your new seedlings. It is a naturally occurring mineral compound that in its pure form is clean, odorless, non-toxic and sterile.

    DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe

    Three easy-to-find ingredients is all you need for your DIY seed starting mix.
    Three easy-to-find ingredients is all you need for your DIY seed starting mix.
    (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / onehundredseventyfive)

    To make your DIY seed starting mix, you’ll combine the three ingredients listed above.


    • 2-3 cups coco coir
    • 1 cup perlite
    • 1 cup vermiculite
    • Large bucket or tub
    • Water


    1. Place the coco coir, perlite and vermiculite into a large bucket or tub, then soak completely with water. The mix should be moist but not soggy. Toss the ingredients to get a uniform mix.
    2. Fill your seedling pots with DIY seed starting mix. Then add the seeds, placing them a half inch or so under the surface of the seed starting mix, ensuring they are covered. Follow the instructions for planting on the seed packet for optimum results.
    3. When you are ready to replant, you can keep the seed starting mix and store it up to a year before reusing it for the next generation of seedlings.

    Note: These measurements are merely a starting point. If you require more mix for more pots and seedlings, you can increase the amount of each ingredient, maintaining the ratio outlined here.

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