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Fast & Eco-Friendly: How to Defrost a Windshield Without Heat

how to defrost windshield without heat
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During the winter months, frozen windshields are a very common problem. We’ll look at how to defrost your windshield without heat using eco-friendly methods.

Frozen windshields are a common problem in winter as a result of colder outdoor temperatures. Once the temperatures drop below 32F, any dew or condensation on your windshield will freeze. As a result, you may find yourself impatiently waiting while your car heats up your windshield. However, you can learn how to defrost your windshield without heat using eco-friendly methods to eliminate that dreaded frost in no time.  

How to Defrost a Windshield Without Heat

Using an ice scraper is an easy and heat-free way to remove ice from your windshield.
Using an ice scraper is an easy and heat-free way to remove ice from your windshield.
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Thankfully, there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to defrost a windshield without heat. The two methods shown below take little to no preparation, and can quickly be executed so you are not in a mad rush. There are several common mistakes to avoid when defrosting your windshield, but they can be easily rectified.  

Here are the two best methods to defrost your windshield without heat: 

  • Ice Scraper: Use a car scraper to scrape the ice from your windshield and windows, ensuring you will have a clear view through the entire windshield and the rest of your windows. This is important, as it will give you the spacial awareness that is needed when driving. There is no ‘correct’ way to remove the frost, just remember not to push down too hard. You can even keep your scraper in your car so you always have it at hand.
  • Saltwater: Take two cups of water and mix with a tablespoon of salt. Use a spray bottle to spray the saltwater over your windshield. You should take care to avoid your car’s paintwork, as the salt can potentially damage your vehicle’s paintwork. 

The emissions that are released by our vehicles contribute to global warming, so it is important not to leave our cars running unnecessarily. Using the methods mentioned above will prevent you from turning on your car to melt the frost and ice from your windshield.

There are also ways to clean the inside of your windshield, which will help to keep your lines of sight clear. The methods use natural ingredients, so there is no need for any unnecessary harsh chemicals.  

Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Car

Aggressive driving can cost you up to 30% more fuel.
Aggressive driving can cost you up to 30% more fuel.
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Aside from defrosting your windshield without heat, there are plenty of other ways you can incorporate eco-friendly habits when it comes to your car. While your gas or diesel car will always release emissions, there are several ways you can reduce its impact on the environment — even if it is minimal. 

Here are some eco-friendly tips for your car: 

  • Cycle or walk where you can 
  • Don’t brake harshly or accelerate harshly as it may increase your gas consumption by up to 30% 
  • Obey the speed limits 
  • Limit your AC usage 
  • Reduce your vapor emissions by screwing your fuel cap on tightly
  • Remove extra weight 
  • Practice regular maintenance if you can to catch any problems which might effects fuel efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary trips and plan your routes ahead of time 
  • Invest in fuel-efficient tires
  • Don’t idle in your car 
  • Replace your air filters regularly to keep them running efficiently 
  • Embrace your cruise control to maintain a good speed  

Eco-friendly travel is important, as transport is currently responsible for 27 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. You can lower your own personal impact by following as many steps as you can above, as well as using public transport or electric vehicles where possible.    

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