5 Inspiring Minimalist Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Minimalist Podcast
CC0 Public Domain - Unsplash / Kate Oseen

Minimalist podcasts are an easy and fun way to reduce stress, deal with clutter both real and mental, and reconsider our impact on the planet itself. So whether you’re just getting started or are constantly on the lookout for fresh content, here are 5 of the best minimalism podcasts.

For Beginners: Minimalism Made Simple

The name of this podcast says it all! If you’re looking for an easy way to begin a more simple, sustainable way of life, this is a great place to start. Minimalist blogger Rebecca Crespo’s shows are structured around clear definitions of key minimalist concepts, with plenty of achievable, applicable advice.

Each quick and accessible episode covers just one central minimalist topic. As such, it’s a handy and never-overwhelming entry point for any budding minimalist.

Around 35 episodes on Spotify and Apple // length: rarely longer than 10 minutes // // since 2020

A clutter-free, minimalist lifestyle is better for our stress levels – and ultimately for the planet. (CC0 Public Domain - Unsplash / Hutomo Abrianto)

For Families: The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

Full-time podcaster and mom Stephanie Sefarian has a wealth of useful tips on everything green and sustainable. Her aim is to declutter and enjoy family life; each episode has a clear, everyday goal and actionable, practical ideas for achieving this. The bubbly former English teacher is both easy to listen to and extremely professional: Just check out her book on Amazon!**

Around 130 episodes on Spotify and Apple // length: usually between 20 and 30 minutes // // since 2018

The Deep Dive: The Minimalists

Joshua and Ryan are kind of the OGs of minimalism podcasts. Their podcast has been going for over five years, and they’ve covered pretty much every topic under the sun – always from a very thoughtful and philosophical perspective. They practice what they preach, too. Despite their success, their minimalist podcast remains ad-free.

Their focus is, naturally enough, sustainability and minimalism. However, they use this as a jumping-off point to discuss deeply human, fundamental concepts as varied as relationships, creativity, and health. It’s not all hard work though. Their great ‘quickies’, only 5 or 6 minutes long, are a fun and accessible way to get started!

Close to 400 episodes on Spotify and Apple // length: mostly 40-50 minutes // // since 2015

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean going without – we can just enjoy the good things in life more. (CC0 Public Domain - Unsplash / Arnel Hasanovic )

Going Vegan: The Minimalist Vegan Podcast

The two chilled-out Australians Maša and Michael release a new episode of their minimalism podcast every Monday. Their relaxed, relatable style is also mirrored in their approach to the topics they discuss. These include ideas like zero-waste lifestyles and financial good sense, as well as minimalism and veganism. They’re never pushy or dogmatic, so if you’re thinking of going vegan – recipes are sprinkled throughout their shows! – this is a great place to start.

Around 60 episodes on Spotify and Apple // length: around an hour // // since 2019

The Hang-out Podcast: Soul & Wit

Mother and daughter duo Courtney and Bailey just kind of… hang out together. And it works! Their breezy, familiar, and sometimes charmingly rambling podcast approaches minimalism from a very personal perspective.

They touch on issues such as happiness, holidays, and hustling for a raise in a very natural but unfailingly helpful and positive way. Their recent episode on life hacks, for example, is fun to listen to but also full of great, simple tips that you’ll love sharing with your friends.

Around 70 episodes on Spotify and Apple // length: anything from 20 minutes to an hour // // since 2019

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