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JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

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Photo: CC0, Unsplash – Nicolas Dmítrichev

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out is a trend that frees you from the need to constantly experience something new. JOMO is designed to help you beat your smartphone and internet addiction. Find out how it works here.

JOMO – Embrace an Analog Lifestyle

Missing out is a modern fear plaguing us humans. Our increased media usage intensifies it. We scroll through the feeds of our social network watching the lives and adventures of others. The seemingly exciting images make us feel like our own lives are boring in comparison. This is how the so-called “fear of missing out” – or FOMO in short – comes about.

Excessive social media use can make us discontent with our lives. (CC0/ Pixabay/ Erik Lucatero)

But are we really missing out on something? And do we really need to waste our time poring over other people’s pictures? What good does it do us if we scroll through Instagram for hours? The JOMO – “joy of missing out” – trend forces us to ask ourselves these questions. It advocates relaxing, enjoying the here and now and disconnecting from the internet. And not without reason: there are studies that show that spending too much time on a smartphone can lead to depression and anxiety, and that using smartphones can be addicting.

The Joy of Missing Out: Tips to Achieve it

There are different ways to experience joy when you are “missing out” and to be satisfied with your own situation:

  • Set priorities. What do you really want to do and what are you doing because of social pressure or out of habit? Find out what you really need and when you need a break.
  • Take time for self-reflection. Understanding yourself better is the key. Try to spend time alone, without a smartphone, internet or television. Think about your experiences and reflect on your fears.
  • Say “no”. Once you are clear about your priorities and understand yourself better, you will also be able to simply say “no”. Reject invitations and offers if you don’t really want to participate.
  • Try to focus on the here and now. If you are satisfied with the present moment, you will feel JOMO – the joy of missing out – automatically. Try meditating to help reach that state of contentment.
Meditation can help you experience the joy of missing out. (Photo: CC0/ Pixabay/ leninscape)

JOMO: The Conscious Approach to Digital Detox

JOMO encourages you to reduce the time you spend consuming digital media. You don’t have to stop using it completely, but you should adopt a more self-determined approach:

  • Turn off your push notifications. Push messages force us to react immediately. Take back control and decide when you want to check your apps.
  • Change your screen to black and white. The colors on your display draw you into your phone, making you want more. If you switch your phone to black and white mode, also called grayscale, you will notice that images lose their appeal.
  • Track your own usage. Do you know how many hours a day you look at your screen, how often you unlock your phone, which apps you use, and for how long? Self-awareness is often frightening, but it is the first step to change – and to JOMO. If you observe your behavior for a while, it will help you to use your smartphone and other digital devices more consciously in the future. Apps like Moment, OFFTIME and Space can help you with this – but you should only use them in the initial period while making the switch.
  • Get rid of time-consuming apps. When you analyze your usage, you will identify the apps you use the most. Just take the leap and delete them.
  • Turn off your phone before sleeping or set it to flight mode. Try to keep your sleeping area free from devices like smartphones or tablets.
Does the whole world really need to know about your vacation? (Photo: CC0/ Pixabay/ InstagramFOTOGRAFIN)

Nevertheless, it can be a very special experience to completely escape the digital world for a while. There are different ways to do this:

  • Choose a day to go offline. Find a day to disconnect from the internet – for example on a Sunday.
  • Use your vacation to do a digital detox! Does the whole world really need to know about your trip to the beach or wouldn’t you prefer to take this precious time for yourself? A vacation can be a great way to go offline for a while and try the “joy of missing out”.
  • Leave your cell phone at home. We almost always carry our smartphones with us. A walk without a smartphone is only a short detox, but you will notice that you are much more aware of your surroundings.
  • Team up with friends. A conscious use of smartphones can be practiced in a group. Talk to your friends about your consumption – maybe you can start a detox experiment together.

In a world in which we have seemingly unlimited possibilities and are constantly under pressure to experience something new and special, JOMO can be a way to reduce stress. You’ll notice that an evening alone with a book can be a highly enjoyable experience. Be on your guard against the “fear of the missing out” and experience the peace and contentment that comes from embracing JOMO.

This article was translated to English by Ruth Wachsmuth. You can view the original here: JOMO: The Joy of missing out.

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