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vegan curry

Easy and Delicious Vegan Curry Recipe

This easy vegan curry is full of dried spices, healthy vegetables, and delicious tofu. It takes less than thirty minutes to make, and tastes best with steamed rice. Read more

tree bark identification

Tree Bark Identification: A Beginner’s Guide

Knowing the basics of tree bark identification can teach us a lot about our environment. Here is your beginner's guide to tree identification. Read more

Permaculture designs

Permaculture Designs: 7 Ideas for Your Sustainable Garden

Permaculture designs are a fundamental aspect of cultivating an eco-friendly garden. They follow natural patterns and bring to life a world of creativity and abundance. Read more

watermelon kimchi

Watermelon Kimchi: 2 Summery Recipes Without Food Waste

Watermelon is a fantastic summer treat but produces a lot of waste when the rind is tossed. Instead, cut the food waste with this tasty watermelon kimchi recipe. Read more

living moss wall

How to Add Life to a Room With Living Moss Wall Art

If you're a fan of houseplants, but can't seem to keep them alive, consider adding living moss wall art to brighten up your space. We'll explain how they work. Read more

stupid things people do on vacation

Do Not Try This: Stupid Things People Do on Vacation

You've witnessed it, or perhaps even done it yourself. Don't make the same mistake again! Here are nine stupid things people do on vacation, and how to avoid doing them. Read more

homemade birthday gift

20 Easy Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

Homemade birthday gifts are not only more personal but usually work out cheaper too. Here are 20 easy DIY gift ideas and tutorials for any celebration.  Read more

vegan restaurants in manhattan

The Top 20 Sustainable Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan in 2022

One of the world's food capitals, NYC has a wide variety of vegan eateries for whatever you are craving. Check out these vegan restaurants in Manhattan. Read more