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eco-friendly backpacks

The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks for Kids and Adults

Backpacks are practical whether you're heading back to school, hiking, or wandering around a city. If you need a new one, consider buying an eco-friendly backpack. Read more

sustainable furniture

Sustainable Furniture: What It Is and 10 Places to Buy It

Sustainable furniture is becoming more popular as our awareness of planetary resources rises. Find the 10 best places for furniture that will look stunning in your home, office or garden. Read more

chocolate zucchini bread

Chocolate Zucchini Bread (incl. Vegan Recipe)

Zucchini bread is lovely, but add chocolate and you've got an even more exciting version. Follow this simple recipe to make chocolate zucchini bread at home. Read more

southern sweet tea

Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Recipe

Learn how to make this simple and authentic southern sweet tea drink for your next dinner party, summer BBQ, or to enjoy on a hot summer's afternoon at home. Read more

garam masala substitute

3 Garam Masala Substitutes + DIY Recipe

All out of garam masala? Don't worry, we have some ideas for that spicy garam masala substitute, all you need are a few key spices and an open mind. Read more

Pad alternatives

The 4 Best Eco-Friendly Pad Alternatives

Disposable period products create unnecessary environmental waste. Here are four environmentally friendly pad alternatives to make your periods more sustainable. Read more

how to deal with gaslighting

How to Deal With Gaslighting: 4 Tips

You may have heard the term tossed around in politics, but what is gaslighting? We describe this toxic trait and how to deal with gaslighting below. Read more

Cold composting.

Cold Composting 101: How to Get Started

Tired of babysitting your compost pile? Cold composting is a low-maintenance alternative that allows you to ignore your compost and get the same results. Read on for how to get started. Read more